Calling In Sick

So the boys got sick Friday. I got sick Sunday. Really sick. I feel like crap. Last night I said to Glen, "I wish you would get sick so you could stay home with me." Which, I know, sounds selfish and mean to most of you. But at least if Glen was sick then there would be two sick people to do the work of caring for two sick babies. Instead of one. Me.

Happily, Glen gets earned days off for his extra-curricular stuff. I made him take one. I figured if today isn't a good day to take one then what is? So now there is one healthy person to do the work of taking care of two sick babies and one sick mommy. Hurrah.

I said on Dixie's blog today (who is home sick with no hubby to help, poor girl) that I wish that sick stay-at-home moms could call in sick and there was some kind of fairy godmother that would come and watch our kids and bring us tea... Now if I could just get Glen to make me tea I would have it made.

I'm going to go lie down. I feel dizzy.


  1. Hope you all feel better real soon.

  2. Awww yucky. I know what it's like to be sick, and can't imagine having to be sick and having two sick kids to take care of as well. At least Glen is there today, it should help a little bit. Anyway, hope you guys feel better soon.


  4. I hope you and your boys are feeling better soon. How nice that Glen is there to help you today.

  5. I think that's supposed to be one of the luxuries of living close to home. I don't think they're fairy godmothers. I think the name for them is fairy GRANDmothers!

  6. Hey there Becky...
    Get well soon.
    Missed you Sunday!

  7. Yes Cindi I agree! They are called grandmothers...I just wish I had a majic wand.

  8. Feel better soon! What a good guy Glen is.

  9. LoL. I just had this image of Glen in a fairy godmother costume floating around in a tu tu waving a feather duster! Tee Hee! That just made my day. (sorry Glen)

    Sorry you guys are sick again. I have some chicken broth in the freezer that's yours if you'd like it.

  10. wow... glen in a tutu... that's enough to make one laugh to the point of vomitting... wow... thanks shirley :P

    weird... i feel like i know your dorkton friends beck :P


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