Guess What?

You'll never guess so I'll tell you. Tonite I went out on a girl's night with my friend Darcie. (Yes I know! I actually went out. With no kids. This is huge! But there's more! There is!) We went to this shopping night at The Bay. Darcie bought us tickets. We got coupons and food and a fashion show. Sound lame? Then I am guessing you probably aren't usually stuck shopping with two little kids crying in your cart. We had a lovely time shopping at a nice leisurely pace for once. I bought some fabulous Clinique lotion, body wash, and lip gloss and some jammies for Ben. Then it was time for the draws. I got to enter the Clinique draw plus the draw just for buying something plus a draw for spending over $100.00. (That Clinique stuff is pricey!) Anyways... As we watched the first few draws with no results I said to Darcie, "I'm going to be ticked off if I don't win anything. I never win anything. If only one of us wins something we have to share." She didn't seem to be too impressed with my idea... Until I won the Clinique draw. It was a gift basket of stuff worth over $300.00. Yesssssss! Then I won another basket. This one was only worth around $50.00. Only. Ha ha. Then I won another basket. Same deal. Then it was time for the big prizes. Have you guessed yet? No? Okay. I'll tell you, but only 'cause you asked me to, not cause I feel like bragging. They called my name AGAIN! I won a gift basket with over $500.00 worth of perfume, lotions, and makeup! Yes I did! I did!

Happily, Darcie won a basket too. Sadly, Darcie only won one of the smaller baskets and it had men's cologne in it and she doesn't wear men's cologne. Happily, she has a husband who does. Sadly, I don't wear perfume. Happily, Darcie does. So it all works out. Plus what a rush! I couldn't even carry all of my stuff! I couldn't!

What a night. I think it may have been too much excitement. Except it wasn't. It was so fun! It was!


  1. WOW, What fun!!! This sounds like the ultimate best ladies night out I,ve ever heard of. So happy for you. This is going to start a " once I won..." blogfest, so let me be the first. When I worked at City hospital I was supposed to sell tickets for some fund raiser thing and didn't sell one ticket. I was to embarassed to hand in my book still full of unsold tickets,so I bought the whole book. I spent like $20. I won these really ugly satin cushions. They did match my ugly black and gold couch so I kept them and used them. It is exciting to win even if it is something useless. Just to hear them say "Sue you have won". Then years later just before the town ice carnival, Margaret and I went to the little corner store and at the till were ticket books for Carnival Queen. I noticed that a girl who babysat for us was running to be Queen. So We each bought one ticket to try and help her win. We didn't even go to the carnival. We got a call after the weekend to say we had won. Margaret won 1st prize $200.00 and I won 2nd prize $150.00. It was the coolest thing. I did win a diet book and some chocolates at the "Women's Journey of Faith" Conference a few weeks ago. Ate the chocolates and haven't opened the book.

    Congratulations Becky!! Couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.



  3. ARE - YOU - KIDDING - ME?!?!?

    I love Clinique. So jealous. Happy for you...but jealous. More jealous than happy...ooops - I mean more happy than jealous!! :)

  4. I am so jealous too! What are the chances of that happening? Lucky lady!

  5. You are Very Lucky Becky. I have never won a single thing in my life and I have bought my share of tickets for anything and everything. Good for you.

  6. I have won a few times, never anything big. I can't believe I read this whole blog knowing that it was about shopping.

  7. Once, I won a teddy bear in a raffle.

    Also, some weird sock drawer fresheners and soap, but that sucked.

    That's CRAZY you won so much stuff, what are the chances? Winning anything can make any day great, but $900 worth of stuff?! That's so awesome, and I'm happy for you. :D

  8. Uhhhhh Dad. Hello? You just won that money to buy your fancy ass new bike. I said ass. But it's Christmas so ass is allowed right?

    *Sings: "Why lies he in such mean estate
    Where ox and ass are feeding?
    Good Christian fear, for sinners here
    The silent Word is pleading."

    Yurp. It's allowed.

  9. That is absolutely fantastic. And to win more than once in one night, makes it even better.


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