Happy HallelujahCarsIsOutOnVideo Day!!!

It's finally here. I don't think I've anticipated a movie release with this much excitement since The Lord of the Rings special editions came out.

Do you know that Ben watches the preview for Cars on youtube about twenty times a day? Do you know that he reads his Cars story book over and over? Do you know that whenever he sees a preview on TV he cries when it is over? Do you know know that he can sit for literally and hour and look at the pictures of all the cars on the Cars website? Do you know how happy I will be when I can pop that movie in the DVD player and let him watch it to his little car-lovin' heart's content?

I don't think you do. That's why I'm telling you.

It's a happy day in the Willems' household. Oh happy day, oh happy day! When we brought Cars into our house to stay!


  1. Congrats on the DVD release! I hope your home is a happier one from now on! Haha!

  2. Oh my...
    are you one of those parents that lets the tv entertain your children? Becky? YOU?

    I am shocked.. here I thought you were like mother earth.. crafting with your children, reading books, singing, laughing, sharing special moments... when in reality your noses have been pressed against the Walmart window waiting for a DVD.

    I really think I need some time to myself... to absorb this.

  3. good for you, I say, good for you. I haven't seen it yet, but it looks really cute, and right up Ben's alley. Peter and I went to the theatre a while back to see Over the Hedge, and loved it. I can't wait to have an excuse one day to buy all the latest cartoons.

  4. Uhhh... While your absorbing that Donna, let me help you along by referring you to this post... And this one... I'm sure there's more, but I'm too lazy to find them all...

  5. Wow, so... he, uh, likes Cars, eh? That movie looks really cute, and I'll probably end up renting it, and then buying it... as, unlike Melanie, I don't need an excuse for buying cartoons. I buy them for myself because, heck, I like cartoons.

  6. Nothing wrong with having some good cartoons around. I am sure Ben will love it... although possibly after hearing it 50 times a day it may eventually become old.

  7. Actually. He's really scared of it. Or should I say... Cared of it. This is weird even for Ben, since he wasn't cared in the theatre...

  8. I am happy for Ben. He will drive his Mamma nuts with watching it over and over and over and...well you get the picture.

  9. I don't enjoy cartoons. I actually can't stand them. I watched Madigascar with Ben at my place after we went swimming and it's about the only one I've liked. I can't stand movies with children in them either. If I ever have kids I'm doomed.

  10. I haven't seen the movie yet. I just can't seem to get into cartoons. I remember when Robyn and Colevin were little and The Lion King came out. They would play out that entire movie on the floor as lions and THEY COULD RECITE THE WHOLE THING WORD FOR WORD!! I think they watched it a few to many times.

  11. Hey, Auntie Mitz, my brother Kyle and I used to do that, too. And we'd pick characters, and always fight over who got to be Simba. So then, because we couldn't agree, one of us would be Simba, then we'd watch it again right after so the other could be Simba.

  12. I went to your other sites Becky... even more appauled.
    Sounds like that terrific sister Ang of yours.. is going to be more like Mother Earth...
    I wonder if birds tie ribbons in her hair every morning? I think that would be a sign!


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