How come?

Why is it that one of my children always wakes up early and the other one always sleeps in? Why can't they get it together, at least once in a while, and we could all sleep in? I swear they have some kind of schedule set up to make sure they never sleep in on the same day.

It's sort of like in high school when Sheila and I would buy the same clothes and then have to make rules about what days we were allowed to wear our Wind River sweatshirts and what days were off limits...


  1. man, i was sure you would say

    "because why?"

    and then i was gonna say....

    "because i said"

    i've been waiting and waiting but the thrill is gone. now i'm only left with disappointment knowing you didn't get it.

  2. I always wondered the same thing, but not sleeping in, as in my kids going for sleepovers.

    It always seemed 2 of them would go for a sleepover, and we still had one left at home. There was NEVER a time when all 3 of them were gone on the same night.


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