The Secret Language of Babies

I was going to write a post about the coolest Oprah show ever, but some other bloggers beat me to it. Now I've lost my motivation. So you'll just have to read about it here... Or come over and watch the best bits of it again with me, 'cause I taped it and then pushed in that little tab that prevents you from taping over what you taped... On your tape.

It was cool though. SO stinkin' cool. Really cool. I wish Sam was young enough to test this stuff on. I'm dying to see this in real life, and on DVD, but I have to wait for both apparently. If this post makes no sense to you then you have only Becky and Heather to blame.


  1. My friend has a one month old and she watched the show and started using some of the stuff they said on the show and she said it actually works! She is amazed by it!! I missed it so I will have to try and download it!

  2. I watched this one. I wish I would have heard about this when I had my babies. I think I always had hungry and tired mixed up. My poor kid's. Interesting show though.

  3. Sorry to beat you to the punch Becky! I just thought it was so cool, and I didn't want to forget anything so I blogged right away. Looks like they have the website up today, that's good. I couldn't get into yesterday. Wow, those DVDs are expensive - and shipping is $34.95? Ouch. Okay, I might just have to find someone that taped Oprah.

  4. I did that Becky, pushed in the little tab so I would have the 1987 Canada Cup final forever. Then one day a couple of years later I decided to watch it when I was home sick, and that rotten brat of a sister of yours had put a piece of tape over it and taped another world over my game. I was so mad I threw out the tape. Should have kept the tape and thrown out the girl.

  5. Funny, but holy crap, that is freaking amazing. Thanks for the link Becky, I hadn't seen it anywhere before this.

  6. I saw the show too. Fascinating to say the least..... now I don't have any small children to test it out on.


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