I'm begging you...

I feel like I need a vacation. I'm hiding out in the basement right now. Glen has both boys upstairs and I just heard him exclaim, "Benjamin Willems!" I don't wanna go up there. Don't make me go up there.


  1. Oh Becky dearest..I hear ya loud and clear!!!! I can't even pee without Tristan wondering where Mommy went. And when you are pregnant and peeing like a maniac all day long I hear it all day long!!

  2. Do you think Glen would notice if you snuck out? You could be at my house in 5 minutes. You could put your feet up and I could bring you chocolate. :)

  3. you should go visit mikey... go ahead... you have my permission... do it... go...

    what are you still reading this for... go visit mikey

  4. Yeah, Becky. You could visit Mikey.
    *chanting* Go visit Mikey...go visit Mikey.

    Here's the spoiler, though. We all want you to bring Glen and the boys. Which pretty much spoils the R&R.

  5. I'd be happy if it were just you too. Take a day off. Go see your mom and dad. Watch tv all day and eat chips. Go drive until you find a Taco Bell. You deserve the break. If you bring the boys here, I'll babysit and you go to Taco Bell.

  6. You need to take some time for yourself. If you come here, there is a whack load of people who would let you have some R & R

  7. I just googled my name and landed on this blog here. Nice to know that there is a little dinosaur-version of me.
    Greetings from Germany


  8. Cool! And here I had promised myself not to put up Ben's full name... I didn't even notice.

  9. Cool, someone from Germany. Carrie, quick say something in german. :)


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