It's not super.

Okay, so my mood of a few hours ago has taken a drastic turn. Like Carrie I am going to use point form to explain:
  • Also like Carrie: "that time" arrived this afternoon.
  • I just spent 2 hours shopping at Superstore trying to spend the $200.00 necessary to get the free $25.00 gift card, only to find out at the till it doesn't go into effect until tomorrow. The cashier tells me this happens all the time since they send the coupon out the day before it is allowed to be used. Hello? Wouldn't you think someone would notice this and adjust the coupon accordingly? No. Stinkin'. I hate that place more than anywhere else on earth. Now tomorrow I have to go back and do my grocery shopping all over, because not only are they "unable" to use our receipt tomorrow to give us the $25.00... They are also "unable" to keep even our non-perishables behind the customer service desk for us to pick up. I swear, I was very close to buying it all and telling them I'd see them tomorrow when I returned it all and then bought it all over again. I don't think there is any other experience in my life that makes me want a good stiff drink more than shopping at Superstore.
  • Ben is getting sick. His nose is runny and his throat is all scratchy.
  • Sam is getting sick. His nose is runny and his eyes are red-rimmed.
So there you have it. The life and times of a housewife... A crampy, tired, frustrated housewife with the most trivial and somehow monumental worries and cares... Blah. Waitress? Bring me a Caesar and keep 'em coming.


  1. Your blog never ceases to make me laugh...Does that make you feel any better?

  2. From love to hate all in one day - that was hard to digest. Inside I am laughing - is that okay?

  3. You guys got here before I put up the picture to go with it and that was the best part...

    Oh yeah. And Heather... Go have that baby already. No wait! I predicted the 24th so just keep on bloggin'.

  4. I won't even shop at superstore. I hate it, it stresses me out just to look at it. Then you go in and it's a huge warehouse, and it's freezing cold, and they make you pay for bags. I'd rather spend thirty cents a pound extra on whatever, and not worry about it.
    I too, laugh every time I read your blog.

  5. Wow, that, uh, second point there was pretty extensive.

    Meh, Superstore doesn't bother me that much. Maybe it's because I got used to being forced to shop there because, when we were living in Vernon, it was the closest place that we could walk to to get groceries, and it was still about 7 blocks away.

  6. Love the picture. I too hate buting bags. Haven't shopped there in years.

  7. I mean BUYING bags. Time to try and sleep.

  8. Susan what the heck are you doing up at that time of the night??

    That sucks Becky. Did you just leave your entire cart there??

    I don't shop there either because I hate packing my own stuff. I also hate buying my bags but then I have to pack it all up again. That makes me mad. I do still go there to buy the odd thing now and again but never to do a big grocery shop.

  9. In Dorkton it is the only reasonable option if you are poor like Glen and me. One day, when Mom wins the lottery and pays off our student loans we will be rich enough to shop at the Coop. Then I am never setting foot in that pit again.

    Although... Sometimes it takes a great evil to bring humanity together. This morning when I went back to shop all over again, I discovered that I had no looney for the ding danged cart. So I wandered the parking lot trying to trade my tonney for a cart. No luck. Everyone has those cart coin things that you can buy and clip to your key chain. I "bought" one last night, but of course didn't... No one would trade me, and it is a huge hassle to try and get one from customer service. Then this nice man with a cart coin gave me looney and wouldn't take my tooney no matter how hard I tried. I cried. He said, "I've had days like that too, don't worry about it." It's amazing how one little looney can make your day seem so much better.

  10. On the topic of 'Stupidstore' coupons... you can go to their website and print off an online coupon that is always CURRENT. It's usually for something like a big tin of PC Coffee or granola bars. Worth checking out though - and you won't get screwed over by the date if you check the site just before you leave.

  11. We used to shop at Superstore too when we lived on Laurier Dr in Saskatoon. It was the closest store. I hated it, but then I hate grocery shopping in general. I go on occasion now, but not very often, as the closest Superstore is now a half hour away.
    I shop locally at our Save On, but you do have to have a quarter for their carts. I usually just make sure I have a quarter stored in the glove box, then I have no worries if I don't have the exact change on me.
    (That only works providing your partner hasn't used that quarter for something else, and has neglected to tell you about it.)

  12. Superstore fills me with such rage. I think I need to go lie down until the feeling passes.


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