Some Observations

  1. Babies cry a lot when they are sick.
  2. Toddlers leave snot everywhere when they are sick.
  3. Chicken soup tastes much better if you don't make it yourself.
  4. If your phone rings and it is a long distance number from Ontario, and there is no one there when you answer it, you are guaranteed to hear from a telemarketer within the next half hour.
  5. Tickly throats are really irritating.
  6. Kleenex tissues with lotion really do keep your nose from getting all dried out no matter how many times you have to wipe it. (It sucks that they come in such ugly boxes though.)
  7. Leftover chicken stir fry smells very bad if it is over a month old.
  8. If you sell your piano to get it out of your garage and it never gets picked up you still won't be able to park in your garage.
  9. Playing cars for hours at a time can be very boring.
  10. It is hard to get baby puke out of your clothes if your baby has prunes for supper.
  11. A clean bedroom feels really good.
  12. When you only clean one room in your house it makes the rest of your house seem really crappy.
  13. When a show you like has a finale the week before, that means it won't be on this week.
  14. If you teach your toddler the word for the thing he's been playing with the last year in the bathtub you will have to open his diaper for him so he can look at it all day long.
Just some things I noticed today and thought you might like to know about.


  1. I really, really hope you all feel better soon.

  2. Thanks for the soup Shirley.

  3. Ho. We posted at exactly the same time! I'm feeling better. Sam seems to be getting worse. Poor little guy.

  4. How do you manage to be so entertaining when you are sick? I could almost hear and feel how sick you are in the way you wrote that. You should take up writing a book or something when you feel better. I pray that you all start feeling better very soon. Love you.


  6. Ahh yes, once in a while I can be quite charming.(: Ang, if you move to Yorkton I will bring you soup if you are sick...just think about it...c'mon - I know you want to.

    Glad you're feeling better Becky.

  7. #12 and 14 are hysterical! Thanks for the laugh today!

  8. I think almost anything leftover smells bad when it's over a month old. Which reminds me, I should think about cleaning my fridge.

    Thought about, not doing. Alright.


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