Sometimes it's easy.

Lots of people hate snow. It's pretty common for someone living in Saskatchewan to say something like, "If it never snows again, that would be too soon." I love it, but it's easy for me. I don't have to get up in the morning and shovel it off my car. I don't have to try to drive to work through it, and then get stuck in it along the way. I don't even have to be outside in it all day like my dad does.

Instead, I get to watch it gently falling outside my window, covering the world outside in a pristine whiteness that makes even ugly things like our house look like a Christmas card. I get to take my sweet little boy outside with it softly falling around us and watch as his face lights up when he discovers a whole new world in our driveway. I get to laugh while he "helps" me shovel the driveway and then I get to bring him inside with his soft cheeks all cold and pink and his eyes bright with pleasure. I get to look forward to sled rides and snowmen. Who wouldn't like snow in that kind of circumstance?

That's life though. Our circumstances can dictate how we feel about so many things. Husbands and wives find it easier to love each other when they are on their honeymoons than when they are grocery shopping with crying children and empty wallets. Siblings can play happily together swimming at a beach, but if you send them into the kitchen to do dishes together war breaks out. There is nothing better than being a parent until your baby won't stop screaming and your toddler throws your remote control into your Pepsi... Again.

There have been
times in my life when loving God... Worshiping God... Giving my life to God was just easy... Natural. It was a joy to make sacrifices for Him because the rewards were so evident. The people around me were filled with his love and a desire to share that love with others and so witnessing was as easy as breathing. I wanted to be changed even if it meant having to give up things I liked or thought were important. I didn't have to struggle to find faith and trust. It was so simple to just believe.

But life moves on. And suddenly you find yourself slogging through the snowdrifts instead of lying in the quiet softness making snow angels. And it seems like the rewards, the desire, the joy is no longer attainable. So you scrape the snow off of your windshield and wonder why you live in a horrible place like Saskatchewan when you could move to a place where there is no snow at all.


  1. I would love to say that Art and I recently moved to a place that has no snow. We just recently got about 6 inches of the stuff. $%U(^&Y*$()#*^U#@$

    So much for leaving SK and AB to get away from the snow. Thankfully this stuff will not be around until April. I hope it will be gone long before that. Snow is only good if you want to go snowmobiling.

  2. I really wish I could have been home to see Benny in the snow ... I love watching him when he gets all excited about something new.

    And he's such a smart boy! I wish I'd thought of using the dump truck (See Bentron's blog) to clear the 2 FEET of snow covering my car and driveway this morning.

  3. this is a nice post. so nice that i don't wanna wreck it with a crappy comment. so i wasn't gonna comment cause nothing would compliment this nice post.

  4. I love that little picture, just beautiful.
    I really enjoyed this post, it was...just beautiful. Thanks.

  5. you know... i actually love the snow, except for a couple reasons
    number one: the cold... i hate the cold... why does snow have to dependant on cold... that sucks...
    number two: icy roads... not a big issue for me personally, i just like nice roads for driving.
    number three: the stupid drivers. i guess this could be a subcategory of number two, but i'll give it a number of it's own... i can't stand how retarded people get as soon as there's snow on the ground... it's like the speed limit says 90, but there's snow on the ground, so i'm going to go 30 just to piss that guy in the blue ion off... i mean really the roads are fine, but it just seems like a good idea to go 30... people don't get it that they endanger themselves even more going retardedly slow... i hate retarded drivers
    number 4: shovelling... one of the nice things about our house is that we are the only ones on our block with a driveway... i know... during the spring and summer, and most of fall... totally sweet, i never have to park on the street, nor does our company... it's great... the only downfall is that when it snows... i am the only one on our block that has a driveway to shovel too... that sucks...
    but all in all, i suppose getting 8 inches of snow over the past 3 days isn't as bad as having a hurricane, or earthquake, or volcano or something else like that happen in my backyard... so i shouldn't complain... but i will... just a little bit...
    ok... i'm done

  6. Like Ang, I'm just going to say how great this post is, because I really can't add anything. Anything I would say would sound lame. I love reading your blog, Becky.


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