This one's for you Donna...

I am loving my neighborhood today.

I love the way melting snow smells and sounds.

I love the sunshine coming through our south facing windows, even though it is making it very difficult to see my monitor right now.

I love all the birds here. Do you know we actually get Blue Jays in our backyard? We do and they are so pretty! The other day we had a squirrel too. (It freaked me out at first... I thought it was a rat.)

I love how the police always get called by someone on our street when there is a loud party. We never have to do it. Someone always calls and the police always show up and shut it down.

I love the neighbors on either side of us. They are both older couples and they are always so nice to us. This fall one of the ladies baked us a pie and brought it over still warm from the oven while we had our garage sale. When we took Ben to their houses on Halloween they dumped way too much candy in his pumpkin pail and asked for pictures of him.

I love it when my neighborhood friend Darci and I get together with our boys. We can call each other up and meet at the park or walk over to each other's houses. It's so nice. Yesterday she came over with her boys and Ben had such a good time. I did too.

I love having three good friends only a few houses away from me. Today I walked over to Staci's to meet her sweet new baby, Noah. On my way I passed by Heather's house and caught her on the way to her musical practice. We chatted in her driveway. I could see my house and Staci's house from where I was standing. It just made me happy.

There ya go. Maybe the cornball motto of Dorkton isn't a complete fallacy. "Where good things happen"... At least some of the time.


  1. That sounds like what my nieghborhood was like years ago. I miss that.

  2. Awww, that's sweet. My neighborhood is pretty nice, too. The little neighbor kids who say hi whenever you get out of the car and ask your name every single time. The neighbor on the other side who says she thinks our yard is great, making me laugh loudly (luckily she was talking to my brother, and didn't hear me as I was at the back door already).

  3. I loved our neighborhood in Osler. It was nice to have good neighbors. Out here is a different story. As they say..... you can pick your friends, and your nose, but you can't pick your neighbors.

  4. I think you are definitely living in Mr. Roger's neighborhood!
    I don't know what made me happier... your positive comments.. or my name in your blog title!
    any chance you want to use that positive energy to whip up a 12 page paper for me? huh? huh?


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