Too bad I'm not a better photographer...

On our way into Saskatoon this weekend we had to stop to take some pictures...
The freezing rain that fell last week coated the prairies with ice. The rays of the setting sun caused the ordinary fields around us to glow like everything in them was made of glittering glass. It really was breathtaking.It lit up some other stuff too. Just as beautiful... Just as breathtaking.


  1. the last one is the best. but i bet that looked really cool. i hate when i see something that i want to capture and the picture doesn't do it justice.

  2. sam looks so peaceful. i want to go for a car ride and sleep now. i love that.

  3. I am so happy that I can just go for a walk up Englishman River and see the amazing way the falls have grown in the last few weeks. When I stand on the bridge at the upper falls the water pours into the crack between the rocks so hard that it sprays into my face. So refreshing and spectacular.
    I have to agree with Ang, though. That picture of Sam is pretty cool.

  4. Those pictures look cold! Brrrrr...The one of Sam is so sweet.
    I know what you mean Ang about pictures never doing justice to the real thing.

  5. I am a member of the need to be a better photographer club. ONe time when travelling to visit Jake and Colleen, the frost was so thick. We did stop to take a few pictures, but they sure didn't turn out as well as the real thing.
    I still like the pictures you took though, especially of little Sam


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