What a dream I had...

I had this weird dream last night. Those who know me well know that this is not an uncommon occurrence, but since this one involved the Riders, I thought I'd share...

I dreamt the Riders were coming to play a game in Martensville. On Halloween. Only Halloween fell on a Sunday in my dream. I dreamt the game was going to be at Martensville Alliance Church, I assumed in the parking lot... I was on the decorating committee and I had found some old Riders banners to hang up somewhere. As we drove to the game in our truck, I pondered how I would hang them outside, since there are no fences or anything anywhere nearby. I came up with the idea of taping each end of the banners to big sticks and then banging the sticks down into the ground. Genius! When we got there the parking lot was all full of cars and Aunty Susan and Uncle Marvin were carrying out some leftover donuts and coffee from the worship service... For people to snack on. I thought that was nice, to share our donuts. I thought, "I bet most people who come to the game will find it to be a nice change to get free donuts and coffee." Aunty Susan said that the reason they had donuts that Sunday was to celebrate her new career. I don't know what it was, I only know she had a new career in something. Not just a job. A career.

Then, as Glen unloaded my banners from our truck, I asked Aunty Susan when people were going to move their vehicles for the game. She said, "Why would they move them? They've got great parking spots!" It turns out the game was going to be played inside. At this point, I figured that since this was just a dream the church must now be bigger inside than in real life. (I am almost always conscious of the fact that I am dreaming when I dream. This comes in handy when I want to break the laws of nature and do things like fly, or just rewind the whole thing and do it over if I don't like the way a particular dream has ended. It also comes in handy if I am having a bad dream and I want to wake myself up.) Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, we decided to re-park our truck since it was temporarily parked near the entrance across 3 or four parking spaces. We moved it to a spot in the back. I took special care to park it to take up as little space as possible, difficult with a truck our size, and to park it so that we wouldn't have to back out. At the end of the game we could just drive away...

When I got inside, the church was it's usual small size. For those of you who have never been there, it is about the size of an Old Navy. Maybe smaller. Not big enough for a game anyways. I was surprised to see that they hadn't set up the field to run lengthwise, but had made it so that about 20 yards ran across the width of the church. I guess they figured the fans could watch from the stage and the ramp thing at the back and not be in the end zone? I asked one of the organizers about this set up and apparently the plan was the players would have to just run back and forth a few times in order to score. (You know, like that drill we all did in gym class. You run to one wall, slap it, and then run back.) This way the field was closer to its regular width and they reasoned that the game could progress fairly normally. I wondered what would happen when the ball got kicked and hit the ceiling. Whatever. I figured they must know what they were doing.

I also figured they were about to be very impressed by all of the banners I had brought. I figured most churches didn't go to as much trouble as we were. You know... Cause of the donuts and stuff in the parking lot. I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't get to use my brilliant stick idea, but I figured it would be easy to put them up on the slanted ceiling. I also figured this would have the benefit of covering over the mural depicting pretty much everything that happened in the bible from Genesis to Revelation. (Not because I don't like it, but because I thought it might take away from the "game feel" I was trying to accomplish with my decorating.) I started to unroll all of my banners... It was at this point that my brother Mikey came in. He was about 6 years old and dressed as a tiger. Apparently, he was hoping he could walk around the field as one of the mascots. The organizers nixed this idea. We were playing Hamilton, and they thought his tiger costume might not go over well with the Rider fans. They cheered him up by telling him that since it was Halloween there would be a parade of costumes during the half-time show. I was very excited about this, since I was very happy with the costume I was wearing. Oh, I forgot to mention, I was wearing a Laura from Little House on the Prairie costume. It was fabulous. Then I woke up.

I imagine that some of you are having some trouble visualizing all of this so I am providing a diagram to make it a little clearer...

You really should click on it to biggify it. It's even better close up. I'm wearing a pioneer hat! Oh, and for all you sticklers, I know Uncle Marv and Aunty Susan have no legs. Just try to work with me here okay?


  1. You know... I hate trucks like that. I wonder why we bought it?

  2. I love your dreams. They're so much better than real life.

    PS: Maybe we bought the truck because you thought just in case we were driving to Saskatoon and got caught in a blizzard we wouldn't get cut off by another big truck going WAY too fast causing you to slam on the brakes and do a 360 on the highway before coming to a stop facing the wrong direction all the while with the lives of your children hanging in the balance ... hypothetically speaking, of course.

  3. We didn't do a 360. We just swerved a little and lost the highway a little.

    And I thought I was the exaggerator in the family...

  4. This is so funny Becky. In your next dream (if I am in it) could I have the nice black truck(Uncle Marv would like a dodge though. And if I get legs I would like them to be long and slim. Hey I can dream too!
    Love you Becky. thanks for the laugh.
    Auntie Sue

  5. This is the most hilarious post I have read in a long time. I absolutely love the diagram.

  6. Yep, I think I enjoyed your little diagram just as much or better than the dream story. Mikey looks soo cute in his little costume.

  7. I really can't stop lauging at the idea of Uncle Marv and Auntie Sue doing a friendly tailgate party with donuts and coffee. Cracks me up. Not because it's just so unrealistic, but because I can really see it happening. Silly CFL and their enlargened fields. An NFL game may have fit...lol.


  9. I love your diagram. That is too funny. Your dream is really wild. I have on occassion realized I was dreaming but not very often. That is a very strange thing!

  10. It's really too bad you can't see it, but Uncle Marvin is actually holding a little tiny styrofoam cup in his right hand...

  11. Hilarious! I love the diagram! Hahaha!

  12. Laughed all the way through. The dream was great but the diagram was the best. I am jealous, I never dream.

  13. Holy smokes, that's hilarious. And that diagram really does tie everything in. Love Mikey in his costume. Fabulous.


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