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For the BC people:

I'd like to post a whole bunch of pictures of the big Braun gathering, but I don't want to make this page take forever to load so I'm gonna put them up on my Christmas tree page.

If you are family, or if you are just nosy, click here to see some photos of my extended family celebrating Christmas together. If that's not enough photos for you there were billions of digital cameras there and I expect some people to be putting up their own pictures shortly.

K. Enough talk. I'm gonna go work on getting the pictures up.

Insert Title Here

Two more things that are better leftover:
Vereniki.Chocolate pie.
That's all I got for you today. I think all this food might be inhibiting my brain axons and synapses and stuff. This would also explain why there are so many stupid drivers on the roads right now.

I just reread this and it sounds dumb. I can't even think of a title. Time to go make some chocolate fondue.

Christmas at the Braun's

Chaos. Noise. Kids. Toys. And way too many potatoes.

Merry Christmas!


One: Gifts

One more sleep till Christmas! I love gifts. I love giving them and I love getting them. I love picking them out and I love wondering what people picked out for me. I love wrapping them and watching them be unwrapped. I love the way they look under the tree and the way our living room looks after they have all been opened and the pretty paper has been thrown all over the place. I love looking around at the gifts in my life that aren't wrapped in pretty paper. I love having all of my best gifts together in one place. Best of all, I love celebrating the gift that was given to all of us on a Christmas long ago.

Two (Ha ha): Dumb Stuff

Dumb stuff makes me laugh. It makes me laugh even more if Ang is with me to see the dumb stuff. For instance... Today Ang came for supper at Glen's mom's cause there was soup. Glen's mom lives in this insane condo. It has so many rules the mind literally boggles. I would rather use my teeth to gnaw my foot off and use it as a ball in an impromptu game of keep-away with Magic Johnson and that really tall guy from My Giant than live in that place.

Anyways. Today when we walked down the hall we came across this:Ha ha ha! Oh man. Could that wreath be any bigger? I don't know what made me happier... The totally ludicrous size of that thing or looking over at Ang when we first caught a glimpse of it as the elevator doors slowly opened. Frickin' awesome.

Anyways. I think the enormity of this particular decoration deserves some kind of tribute and so I institute the first ever alittlestone FREEZE FRAME GAME! Where fans like you can write a funny caption and win big BIG prize…

Three: Neil Diamond

I rocked out to the sweet sounds of Neil on today's trip to Saskatoon. I have to tell you... It helped bring my stress levels way down when the car filled with the sound of Neil singing, "Where it began, I can't begin to know when. But then I know it's growing strong." And, yes, the stress levels were high. But we're here now.

Anyways. I've always loved Neil Diamond. Okay, not always, but from around grade six when I first played Mom's Beautiful Noiserecord. (Which was then lost by my Grade Six teacher Mrs. Turgeon after I brought it to school for a class music project. Mrs. Turgeon if you're reading this: I want that record back.) Neil may not be saving the world with rock, but not all of us can be Mother Teresa and Gandhi.

That's all. I'm tired.

Four: You

Today is Bev's funeral. It's at 2:00 if any of you out there in the blogosphere see this and could remember us, especially Heather, in your prayers.

Contrary to the look of things on here lately, it's been a hard week for me. I have to admit that I am terrified of being on the highway on Friday. It's put a little bit of a cramp in my Christmas packing, as all I can think about is the possibility that Friday could be my last day on Earth. I don't think it's the dying that bothers me so much as the idea of the pain that would be left behind if any or all of us die.

I can't stop thinking that Bev was alive a week ago and planning for this week... Planning her Christmas shopping, her house cleaning, the little errands she needed to run. She had no idea that the end of her life was approaching so quickly. She had no idea that this week her friends and family would be at her funeral. I don't know why that bothers me so much.

I suppose it might have to do with th…

Five: Old Food

There is this website I love called Visual Recipes. On it there are recipes that people send in with accompanying photos. Firstly, I love it because I only cook new things if I have pictures of them. I almost never try recipes from my cookbooks that don't have photos. Secondly, I love it because some of the photos are awesome and just make me laugh. I am thinking of joining the ranks of the Visual Recipe cooks by sending in this:Mmmmm... Doesn't that make you want to try out my recipe? Heinz it up people! Heinz. It. Up.

Anyways... The fifth day of Christmas is all about leftovers. There are some foods that are just better the next day. Here is a list (yes) of my favorites:
Kraft Dinner. To me fresh KD is repulsive. I can eat maybe two bites and then I am done. However, if it is left over night in the fridge and then zapped till it's crispy in the microwave I am all over it. I don't like ketchup on the fresh stuff either. It's gross. So gooey and sloppy. However, when…

Six: Sleep

A friend of mine, lets call her... Donna, likes to make fun of me because I like to sleep. She is one of those freaks that gets up at six in the morning even when she doesn't have to. While I was pregnant with Ben she used to wonder what I would do when I had kids cause I seriously like/need to get twelve hours of sleep a night. Right now I get about seven hours a night and I'm surviving. And that was the answer I gave her. "I'll survive." I sure don't like it though.

Sam had a bad night last night and a brutal day today. I'm not sure if he is getting sick or what, because the kid won't stop crying and just needing. He's probably teething. All I know is if someone offered me a couple hundred bucks and a Moxie's coupon I'd trade them for it. (Oh, calm down you bleeding hearts. I'm kidding.) What does this have to do with sleep you ask? I'm not sure. Where was I? Crap. I'm so tired.

Sam and Ben somehow managed to synchronize their …

The Deadline

Just so you all know... If you are planning on sending an ornament for the tree the deadline is Thursday. We leave for my Mom and Dad's on Friday and I won't have access to photo shop again till we get home and by then Christmas will be over and it will be time to put away all the decorations.

So no pressure...

No guilt either. It's not like I need cheering up or anything...


Seven: Survivor

Okay. Apparently thinking of new non-silly posts is more work than picking a silly post off of my list. And I do love Survivor. I taped it last night and watched it today. I think this season was the first time when everything that I wanted to happen actually happened. Usually the people I don't like just keep taking out the people I do like, and by the end I don't care who wins becuase I can't stand any of them. This season I didn't care who won because I loved them all. I don't think I can even express to you how happy it made me to see my two favorites in the final two. I think it may even have been better... Okay, not better... As good as the Rob and Amber season... Sigh.

My only question is, now what am I supposed to watch till next season?

Eight: Benjamin's Smile

I am not in a place to write a silly 8th day of Christmas. Not that there is anything wrong with silly. In fact, being silly is one of the things I love best in life. Still, today I am going back on what I said about not writing about the obvious things that bring me joy... Like my family and friends, or my Faith, or sunrises and starry nights... And I'm going to write about my Benjamin.

I spent some time crying last night... And walking... And then some more time crying... And when I cried Ben said to me, "You're sad Mummy." And I told him he was right. I was sad. I am sad. And then my little boy climbed on my lap and cuddled with me. He got some nice cars to try and cheer me up with. He showed me some pretty slick dance moves. And I was still sad, but my heart didn't feel so shattered.

I still ache for my friend. Her hurt is so deep that it is painful to watch. I wish I could take some of her pain and absorb it for her, but I can't.

So for now, I will fix my h…

Why I Feel Sad Today...

Yesterday, my friend Heather from here in Yorkton was driving with one of her very good friends, Bev Shore, and they were in a serious car accident. Heather is very bumped up and in pain, but she will be okay physically. Her friend Bev was killed.

Heather and Bev are both friends from the musicals Glen and I were part of for a few years here in Yorkton. Here is a picture of the three of us doing something we all love... Singing our hearts out in costume. That's Bev on the right and Heather is in the middle.Please pray for Bev's family and many friends. And please pray very hard for my friend Heather who is hurting so badly right now. I'm going to sign off with a verse that a friend of Bev's read in church this morning...

For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Chris…

I Was There

My footprints follow me
Showing where I've been
But how much of me
Is left there in the snow?

You can see
My feet are small
And in some places
My steps drag.

But the steps I left behind
Can't show the cold places
On my cheeks
Where the winter wind touched my tears.

Right now after I've just been
My footprints seem so clear
And my past
So close to me.

But soon the cold unfeeling wind
Will blow the snow
To cover up
The bit of me I left behind.

Nine: Old Movies

Today seems to be the appropriate day for this post because I watched two of my favorites... White Christmas and Holiday Inn. I like them both, but Holiday Inn has Fred Astaire. Not only does it have my favorite leading man of all time, but it has him playing a scoundrel, which I just love. He dances one song with a smoke in his mouth and another as a drunk. That's the kind of stuff that makes old movies great. Everything the stars did back then was so... Hollywood. Who else could dance a whole number with a smoke hanging out of his mouth and come across as cool? No one. That's who. Oh Fred... I love you so.

You know, there is just something about that man that makes me happy. Actually, there isn't just something. There are some things. Oh sure, his dancing is unreal, but the way he carries himself makes me feel like I would have liked him if I'd known him in person. He has this shy little smile he does with his eyes kind of looking down sort of bashfully... Sigh.

You k…

Ten: Fat Snowflakes

There are lots of things that are just better when they are fat... Cats... Paychecks... Actually, other than snowflakes that's all I can think of. So maybe there aren't lots of things, but there are some things anyways. (If you can think of more things that are better when they are fat feel free to add them in the comments. I don't feel like using my brain today.)

Anyways. I was gonna do a fun and exciting Tenth Day of Christmas, but I have cramps for a reason we won't get into here and frankly, I'd rather go lie down than fart around on the internet today. (Literally.) So enjoy this picture of the fat snowflakes falling outside my window. I'm gonna go put a hot water bottle on my ovaries... Or whatever it is in there that is making me feel like curling into the fetal position.

Eleven: I like pink socks and I cannot lie.

In my mind, as long as you are wearing cute socks you are looking good. I can be deathly ill, pale and sweaty, with greasy hair cause I haven't bathed for days, a red chafed nose, and as long as I put on some cute socks I feel fabulous. I think this may be why I never wear makeup or do my hair at home. I pretty much feel like I am dressed up if I am wearing nice socks.

In general my socks must match my outfit and the boys' socks also need to match their clothes and pajamas. This has caused a few minor arguments in our family as it is hard for other people to understand why it is important that Ben doesn't wear brown socks with his Superman pajamas.

If, however, the socks are really soft and fuzzy they don't need to match the outfit. I think I might even prefer that they don't so they stand out more. This is why I have a thing for Christmas socks. I have these red striped ones that are very soft and fuzzy and they have reindeer at the top and they just please me. They…

The Twelve Days of Christmas...

All right... I know that technically the twleve days of Christmas are supposed to happen after Christmas but this is my blog and that's just too bad. As part of my wind up to Christmas I am posting twelve of my favorite things on the twelve days leading up to the big day. Now don't get too excited. These are not going to be particularly moving or well thought out posts. They aren't going to be about my very favorite things like Sam saying "Ga ga gaaaa, da daaaaaaa da," or Ben giving me a hug just because he wants to, or the sound of Glen laughing with one of our boys... Nope. They will be about the little things that please me or make me giggle. So without further ado I give you favorite thing number twelve...

Oh yes. I love lists. I love to buy cute little notebooks to write them in. I love to compose them in my head. I love to write them out and then follow them to the letter. I love to check things off or scribble them out. (Preferably with different col…

Smile Sammy!

Mom and Dad came this weekend for a visit. Before they came I decided I had better clear off the memory card on our camera so I would have lots of room for all of the great pictures I was going to take. Since I had uploaded all of the pictures onto the computer before I went to bed that night, I got ready to select "erase all", but just before I did it I thought I should check and make sure I hadn't taken some since the night before. (Yes, I take so many pictures that I can no longer keep these things straight in my head and yes, I am that paranoid about losing even one of them.) So I checked the camera and this is what I found...I looked at it for a while trying to remember when I would have taken a picture like it. "When did I take a picture of Ben and Sam's feet? That's weird." I selected the next picture..."What is that?" Now, thoroughly confused, I selected the next picture...And then back to the previous picture... "Oh for crying ou…

alittleChristmas Joy! JOY!

Okay everyone. I can't wait any longer. I was going to try and hold out till Friday for a few reasons:
'Cause Friday seems like a day for fun stuff.To increase the suspense by leaving up the construction page for a day or so.'Cause my real tree isn't decorated yet, and somehow it seems weird if my virtual life is going better than my real life.I can't wait though, and here are the reasons:
'Cause Friday is always fun no matter what. It's the end of the week. That's all anyone really needs to pull them through the day. Right? Of course right.
Even though increasing the suspense is the most valid reason to wait, anyone who knows me knows that I suck at being patient, and Christmas is definitely not a time that I am interested in working on that particular flaw.Let's all face facts here. My virtual life is fabulous and I don't really give a hoink about trying to make it look like I am not obsessed with my blog. I am, and I choose to embrace the dysfun…

My Hero


We hear a baby fussing in another room. The cries are getting more and more agitated as Becky staggers to the kitchen counter and begins making a bottle. She looks up, surprised. Something is different.

What? When did this happen? When I went to bed last night this place was a wreck!
(sighs contentedly)

Becky shakes her head, bemused, and hurries off to the bedroom with the bottle. CLOSEUP of sparkling clean kitchen counters and dishes stacked clean in dish drain. Background crying stops abruptly.


Becky is sitting at a computer mumbling angrily to herself. CLOSEUP of a phone beside the keyboard. We see Becky shake her head, then glare at the phone. We hear a door open somewhere in the house.

(to herself)

Feet appear at the top of the stairs and move slowly down. Becky does not look up. Glen comes to stand behind her. Silence. Then

I'm sorry I'm late.


And I know I didn…

Tru Love

This is my friend Angerama and her little baby Truan. I went to see her and meet Truan for the first time this weekend. It was love at first sight. I already miss his funny litttle cry.

It was crazy to come home to my boys though. When I left, Sam was still a little baby and when I came home it seemed like he had transformed into some giant toddler type baby overnight. He's huge people! And he's strong! And he's so independant! And he is so smiley and he is practically talking!

Okay. So maybe he isn't talking, but it is so amazing how a change of scenery can change the way you see the things around you. Especially little things. Little slobbery things. With boogers.

My Faith Isn't Big Enough

You know what? I think God is out to get me. I hate that I think that. A friend of mine told me recently that sometimes she sees God as a teddy bear who gives her whatever she wants. It made me think about who I really think God is... No. Not who I think He is, but what I really believe in my heart about who He is in my life...

When I was younger, and before my parents came back to their faith, I used to go to youth group and sometimes church by myself. I always felt inferior. I always felt like I was being judged and found wanting. There was plenty of evidence to support this feeling and I don't think I have ever fully recovered from it.

I fell in love once before Glen... At least I thought it was love. The guy I was dating was a great Christian. I looked up to him, I wanted to be like him, and I was so grateful to have him in my life. We talked about getting married and I felt so blessed. Then he broke up with me because "God told him to." Maybe God did, maybe He didn…