My Hero


We hear a baby fussing in another room. The cries are getting more and more agitated as Becky staggers to the kitchen counter and begins making a bottle. She looks up, surprised. Something is different.

What? When did this happen? When I went to bed last night this place was a wreck!
(sighs contentedly)

Becky shakes her head, bemused, and hurries off to the bedroom with the bottle. CLOSEUP of sparkling clean kitchen counters and dishes stacked clean in dish drain. Background crying stops abruptly.


Becky is sitting at a computer mumbling angrily to herself. CLOSEUP of a phone beside the keyboard. We see Becky shake her head, then glare at the phone. We hear a door open somewhere in the house.

(to herself)

Feet appear at the top of the stairs and move slowly down. Becky does not look up. Glen comes to stand behind her. Silence. Then

I'm sorry I'm late.


And I know I didn't phone. And the worst part is that I really don't have an excuse. I was playing a game and the time got away from me. So tonight I want you to have a free hour to make up for me being late and to make up for not phoning you can have any favor you want. Maybe I can cook dinner for our date night...


Glen goes upstairs.

(smiling to herself)
Hmmm... That apology was so good I think I might actually be happy he came home late...


Becky is frantically digging through drawers and boxes crying.

(calls from kitchen)
Are you sure you had them when we came home from Saskatoon?

Yes! I remember them being on the nightstand, but I don't remember them being there when I cleaned my room! I don't remember ever putting them away! I hope I didn't throw them out! I bet I threw them out!

Glen moves to stand in the doorway.

Do you think you did?

(brushes past him and continues her search in the living room and hall closets)
I don't know! See? This is why I shouldn't buy Christmas presents ahead of time! I always lose things! Why am I so stupid? They aren't anywhere! And now we aren't going to be in Saskatoon till just before Christmas and the ornaments I bought are going to be all sold out.

Can't we just get different ones?

No! These ones were special! I like the Hallmark keepsakes. None of the other kinds are as nice. I don't want new ones. I want the ones I bought. Plus Ben's is part of a series! I'm never gonna be able to get one the day before Christmas!
Ahhhhh! I'm so mad at myself! How can I have lost them? I wish the house was messy so there were more places to look! There's no where to look! Why do I clean up? I just throw out important things.
(cries a little more)

Glen starts looking. Becky finally gives up and goes back downstairs to watch Ben and Sam.

(calls from basement)
You won't find them if I can't! They're just gone. Why do I always do stuff like this?
Mommy is sad Ben.

Mummy is sad. It's okay Mummy. Dat's okay Mummy.


CLOSEUP of Glen's feet at top of stairs. CUE theme song. As Glen descends stairs more of his body is visible in frame. Glen is smiling, but quickly hides it when Becky looks up.

(obviously disappointed)
Oh. I was sure you were coming down here because you found them.

You thought I found the ornaments?

(looking closely at Glen who is still trying to look discouraged)
Did you find them?!

Glen takes hand from behind back and displays missing Christmas ornaments.

(very excited)
You're my hero! I can't believe you found them! How did you find them?
(babbles happily)

FADE OUT to the following picture as music reaches crescendo. See? Sometimes life is just as good as the movies! I love you SuperGlen!


  1. Ha ha ha. I cued the music in a new window and as it played i read and the timing was perrrrrrrrfect. ha ha.


  2. oooo glen... nice leotard... and the cape and speedos are pretty nifty... bet you never thought becky would post that picture of you on the internet... i think today should be national glen appreciation day, all in favor say aye

  3. whoa... we posted at the same time

  4. Yes Ang. I highly recommend people open the music when it is cued in a new window so they can hear it as they read... It really adds to the whole experience.

    I better go take care of my kids now. This post took me forever and it seems to reward Glen's heroism by neglecting his children...

  5. Wow...Doesn't Glen look Hot?

    This was a great post. You have a great super hero living right in your own home. That music gave me goosebumps. Very effective.

  6. So, do I get to pick who plays me for the movie?

  7. Where were those ornaments that you couldn't find them? I really want to know. I was expecting to find out at the end and was slightly disappointed.

  8. I'd tell you, Melissa, but then I'd have to kill you...

    I guess you'll have to wait for the sequal.

    Kidding. I wouldn't do that to you. They were in a shoebox marked photos in my closet. The thing is, I vaguely remembered putting them somewhere "safe" and thinking, "I'm never going to remember putting these here." But then I also thought, "Now that I thought that I will definately forget I put these here I will definately be able to remember that they are in here." Except I didn't. The reason I didn't look in there was that I was sure it was full of Mom's pictures that I am supposed to be making a scrapbook out of. I forgot that during the big sort I moved all of her pictures to some nice tupperware things... So that's why there was room in a box that I thought was full for all of my ornaments and, incidently, my stocking stuffers.

  9. Becky, you are as entertaining as Noah. This was awesome. I did what Ang did; opened the music in a new window. it really does add to the experience. I almost stood up and cheered.

  10. ***waits in anticipation***
    where is it, where is it??
    *** bangs head against wall until it arrives***

    yeah i know everyone will think i'm crazy... but you and probably ang know what i'm talking about... where is it

  11. Oh yeah, it's WAY better with the music. I read it once without, and then after reading the comments, once with. Hilarious. Love the pic of SuperGlen.

  12. Strangely enough, my mom lost her Christmas ornaments also, nowhere to be found. She had to go out and buy more. Nothing very sentimental though, so that was good.
    Hooray for SuperGlen!

  13. Love the post!!! It's a good thing you have SuperGlen around.

    I think what you experienced is a Braun thing. I recall Art saying his mom used to always buy stuff early and put it away. Then she could never find it.

    I am getting that way, and pretty soon I will be able to hide my own Easter eggs.

  14. That is not necessarily a Braun thing. You must remember she was not born a Braun, but married in.
    It runs in the other side of the family. I certainly can relate (do it all the time).
    P.S. the neat part is finding some of those gifts later, and being surprised at the neat stuff I've just found.


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