Tru Love

This is my friend Angerama and her little baby Truan. I went to see her and meet Truan for the first time this weekend. It was love at first sight. I already miss his funny litttle cry.

It was crazy to come home to my boys though. When I left, Sam was still a little baby and when I came home it seemed like he had transformed into some giant toddler type baby overnight. He's huge people! And he's strong! And he's so independant! And he is so smiley and he is practically talking!

Okay. So maybe he isn't talking, but it is so amazing how a change of scenery can change the way you see the things around you. Especially little things. Little slobbery things. With boogers.


  1. You never notice how much your children are growing up until you take a step back. Anytime someone tells me how big Ben or Sam is, I always think "I don't know, he seems the same to me." Your picture of Truan helps show me that they actually are growing up. (Truan's a little cutie.)

    PS: Nice Photoshop job! (Can you come teach my grade 9's?)

  2. Hi, Becky. Thanks for commenting on my blog posts so regularly. I'm finding that although I'm checking in with several blogs on a regular basis, I don't always leave a comment. I noticed that you usually do, which makes me feel good because then at least I know someone is actually reading it.
    I'm going to leave a comment on your previous post but I can't right this minute, so check later (or in a few days). I'll try to comment soon, depending on how my de-stressing is going.

  3. Aww.. cute picture. Can't think of anything else remotely intelligent to say, soo... I won't say anything.

  4. Your visit left us both appreciating what we have just a little more than we did before. Thanks for showing me how precious Truan is. It really changed my outlook, and everyone notices. I'm glad your Sam seems more independant, strong and happy after spending time with a floppy, somewhat grumpy little man!

  5. It's wierd to think of you with kids of your own... I've been so out of the loop for so long! Thanks for encouraging Heather to start a blog!

  6. They grow up right before your eyes it seems. Then you turn around, and they are over 6 ft tall moving out, and driving a car. What the heck!!!


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