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It's that time of year again...

... When two things happen...

First: I forget my brother's birthday. Not because I don't care. Not even because I don't know when it is, but because I never have any idea what day of the month it is, he never reminds me, and dang it, I have no other excuses. I still blame Johnny.

Second: Because it was Johnny's birthday this month we are now the same age till March. This used to really bug me, because he always made a big deal of it and felt that it was reasonable to try and usurp my position as oldest and wisest because of it. It didn't work well, but he always tried.I like it better now that we are older. It makes me feel a bit like I have travelled back in time and have gained back a whole year... 'Cause I'm the same age as my little brother. Slick.

Anyways, Happy Belated Birthday Jones. I love you.

(Oh, and everyone please take note of the rockin' shirt I am wearing in that picture. I mentioned it in this quiz, and I would kill to get my hands on that t…


I'm tired. Emotionally, physically, mentally, and even spiritually. Or maybe it's especially spiritually. Actually, maybe all of the others are happening because of the spiritual part. I don't know. All I know is I've been wrestling with something for a while now. I can't seem to get it figured out. I can't seem to get to a peaceful place where I can rest, and I don't mean physically. I can't seem to get my heart into a place where it is at rest.

I question. I plead. I seek. I'm just not finding what I need.

And so, I'm tired. And sad. This is not that unusual for me when January rolls around, so I'm not panicked. I'm sure I'll come around.

Just thought you'd all like to know where I've been. And why things might slow down on here for a while.

I double blog dare you.

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Here you have it. A look back deep into the boring and lame details of my childhood, and all thanks to Carrie for yet another way to waste my valuable free time with useless, time consuming, drivel. I love it. I seriously don't see anyone but me being able to pass this test. I've been wrong before, but I'm not this time. If you do pass, then you know way too much about me.

My Hero


We see Ang casually looking through DVD's in a grocery store. A little boy, around age nine, wanders up and stands nearby. He quietly looks at the DVD's beside Ang. Ang continues to look at the Crash DVD in her hand and doesn't appear to notice the little boy standing beside her. A woman dressed in tight dark blue jeans, square toed boots, and a jacket, with poofy permed hair and lots of make-up walks up to stand nearby.

Get your finger out of your ass. Let's go.

Ang, surprised and curious, turns to see what is going on. She spots the little boy and realizes the woman is talking to him. She gives the woman a once over then shakes her head in disbelief. She turns away, obviously holding down the urge to sound off with great difficulty.


(also snottily)
You know what.

No. I don't.

Do you actually want me to say it?


(to little boy)
Your mother should ne…

Whoopsy Daisy

Oops. I published a post that wasn't ready yet... Don't worry Donna. It's coming back.

A Pile of Guilt

The last few days I have been working on adding a few loads of guilt to the big pile I keep in the backyard. I figure, with a concentrated effort I can get it to about the height of our house by the end of this week.

Yesterday I kicked Ben in the face. He was in the room Ang is sleeping in waiting for me to bring him a bottle. I was expecting him to be in the bed, but he was sitting on the floor in the doorway. So he got kicked. In the eye. I kicked my toddler in the face.

Today we took Ben and Sam swimming. Just before we left we took them into the hot tub for a bit. I stood Ben on one of the benches. After about five minutes of Ben standing there I turned my back on him to kiss Sam's feet for a bit and heard a splash behind me. There was my toddler. Submerged. In a hot tub. Sigh. (The lifeguard glared at me till we left. She must have known that I did it on purpose... To build up the pile.)

I wonder what I will do to the poor kid tomorrow? I'm really on a roll. I'll probabl…

Just for Donna...

Here it is. Concrete evidence that I am, officially, middle aged.


As a rule, I don't like change. I still call the Shop Easy in Martensville the IGA whenever I think I can get away with it, even though it's been a Shop Easy for years now. I still think of most of my married girlfriends with their maiden names and I can't picture changing that anytime soon. (Example: Angie Kasper will always and ever be Angie Kasper.)

But change happens whether I want it or not.

Sammy is crawling. And pulling himself up on things. Soon he'll be standing all by himself and then walking. As usual, I have mixed feelings about this. I'm glad he will be able to get away from, and chase after his big brother. It will make him a lot happier. But I'm sad he's growing up so quickly. I wish I could put those kids on pause more than once a day. Sometimes just to keep them quiet and still, but usually to make precious moments with them last forever.

We got rid of our beloved station wagon. Again, mixed feelings. I loved that car. I know people will make …


Today I commented on Shirley's site that I never make New Year's resolutions. It's not because I am a rebel or anything, I wish that was why. The real reason has more to do with the fact that I don't want to set myself some unattainable goals that I won't meet anyways, just for tradition's sake.

No, if I'm going to set goals to make myself feel all pressured and guilty I prefer to drag the process out through the whole year.... Lose some weight, be more patient, keep the house cleaner, watch less TV, hang out on the computer less, go back to work, get outside more, catch up Ben and Sam's baby journals, read my bible more, spend less money, return my library books on time, and on and on.

Most of my goals I never meet. I never actually walk up to them, introduce myself and make them a part of my life. I think about them all the time. I see them from afar, looking over at me with reproachful glances. Sometimes I even agonize over their absence from my life, …

Missing Mavis

I'm missing Mavis today. It's hard to believe it's been almost a year since everything started... And ended.

She made a blanket for Ben when he was born. I got so many blankets that I saved hers for the next baby... Sammy. Now every time I unfold it to use it I cry. I look at the stiching. I touch the places where she made mistakes and ripped seams, and left little tiny broken threads behind. I hold that blanket close and I miss her. I still haven't been able to use it.

Maybe I will save it for the next baby... No. I'm not pregnant.

Dad's Birthday

Today's my dad's birthday. I've been trying to think of what to write for a post all day and I am still wondering. Not because there isn't anything to say, but because there is too much to say. What does a daughter say about her dad that can even come close to explaining how she feels about him? How does she list off the things he has done for her and what he means to her? (Maybe this is why last year's birthday post was what it was...)

Seeing my dad with my little boys makes me remember some of what he was like when I was a little girl. I remember the feeling I would get when he would pick me up from some activity... So proud that he was my dad. I still feel that way when I am with him. (Except the other day when he tried to wear a zip-up bunnyhug with no t-shirt to the museum. Not good.) I remember feeling like he could do anything, answer any question, solve any problem... I know it bugs him a little, but I still feel that way. I still feel like I should turn to …

Last Night

You'd think that the boys would sleep great since we are finally home wouldn't you? I'll answer that. Yes. You would. Sigh.After a day on the road with Ben completely wired and hyper he was finally tired enough to go to bed at around 11:30. I left him alone in my room while I got his tooth brush from the washroom and discovered him seconds later with my very expensive lotion slathered all over his hair, admiring himself in my mirror. So then he had to have a bath. Which always makes him hyper. Which meant he finally fell asleep at around 12:30 AM.

Wouldn't be nice if that was then end of this story and I could tell you all about the new minivan we bought? I'll answer that. Yes. It would. Sigh.

The next two hours were actually spent trying to do something with Sam who had inexplicably decided that he hated the world and wanted to punish everyone in it by screaming bloody murder. I have no picture of this, only a screenshot of a poem I wrote while rocking my wildly scr…

Only one more... I promise.


You enclose and envelope life, as well as things that aren't vital to the main topic. You are something of a loner and take pleasure in the simple things in life. You are uncomplicated for the most part, and don't need anyone (though you are strangely attracted to LISP programmers). The apostrophe is your natural enemy. You like periods (and commas), but tend to keep them somewhat outside.

This makes almost no sense to me. Almost. I suppose I shouldn't post it, except that I am still apparently in lazy-mode as far as this blog goes. This is a particularly bad time for me to browse other blogs as all it does is encourage me to waste my time, and yours, taking useless quizzes and posting them on here. Ah well... Glen still hasn't shaved which means we are still officially "on vacation" so we can't expect to much from me.

I will say one thing. As I get older it surprises me how introverted I am becoming. I used to find it more relaxing to be arou…

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto.

A big domo arigato goes out to Drinkatite for the inspiration behind yet another brilliant post. I'm telling you... The quality here at alittlestone has really been off the charts lately. I'm so proud.

Yurp. Sounds about right.

How about just "trouble"?

I think the "N" should stand for "Nerdiness".

Well that one is just way off. Pfft.

Another Quality Post


Hoppy New Year!

Let's start off the year the way I intend to continue it... Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm done.