Which is better? (UPDATED)

Here is the YouTube version. Tell me which way seems better to you. I haven't decided if I like the new blogger video feed or the YouTube one better yet.

The other one is in the post right down below this one.

UPDATE: Well, the consensus seems to be that the blogger version is better. Since this seems better to me anyways, because it keeps my videos more private, I am prepared to fall in with your wishes. Just this once though. Don't get too used to me being democratic. If you remember, I have dictatorial tendencies that put things like voting and egalitarianism way down on my list of ways to do things.

So I've taken down the YouTube version and left you with the blogger version in the original post. If you are disappointed you should have made your voice heard by voting. Now... Sadly, it's too late.


  1. becky..you are my Queen..thank you for that...so beautiful..

    you are amazing...
    don't ever forget it...
    don't ever doubt it...

    sending you love & laughter ALWAYS..

  2. Becky, that is so cruel! I'm sitting here looking at those pictures and listening to the words to the song, the day before Madeline starts kindergarten... how can I not get choked up? The time has gone by too fast. How can we hold on to these changing kids and all of these memories? Makes me look at the past (and all the poopy diapers and tantrums) through rose-coloured glasses. Think of me in the morning, would you?

  3. I will Dixie... And you're right about the rose-colored glasses. Sometimes I actually wish I'd wear them more often, because really, I am very blessed.

  4. i like the blogger better.

  5. I watched them both. all I know is they both make me cry.

  6. That is beautiful!

    I like the blogger one better. The pictures were much more crisp and sharp.
    Maybe it was because I was crying I'm not sure.
    No blogger is better.


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