Growing Up

Well, it's happening. Benjamin is growing up. He hit one of his first milestones yesterday... His very first day of school.

I expected to drop him off without any tears on his part, and maybe a few on mine, as I drove away. I expected him to have a fabulous time and have to be dragged kicking and screaming away from his new favorite place and little friends. It didn't quite happen that way.

First of all, I ended up being the parent helper so I stayed the whole time. (So I got to take lots of pictures!) I'm not sure if my being there made it worse or if it was a good thing, because he cried. Twice. Both times his teacher was directing all the children to an new activity and I wonder if it wasn't just too overwhelming, because right away he started looking for me and crying when he couldn't find me. Maybe he wouldn't have cried if he knew I had left, or maybe he would have cried a lot more.

Either way, I'm glad we signed him up. I think it will be very good for him. He is usually very friendly and confident, but he seemed so unsure of himself in this setting. I imagine that if we went to a bigger church with a Sunday School class full of children he would be a lot more accustomed to having a teacher and kids around him, but we don't. So I think this will be good. For all of us.

Next week I am the helper again. I kind of wish I wasn't. I tend to drag my feet when it comes to letting my baby go, but I find myself wanting so badly for him to find his own way, to open up his little wings and find out he can fly.


  1. Aaaawww. He looks so little standing there, and yet so big too! Like a tiny little grown up man. Now I feel like crying!! :)

  2. That's exactly what I thought. He's so small to be doing this but he looks so grown up. Oh the letting go...this is only the first of many. Be prepared. It really doesn't get any easier. It will be with Sam but the first one is never easy. By #7 (hopefully you'll never find this out)it gets way easier.

  3. I know how you feel Becky, it gets easier but not much changes. Steven is 15, doesn't like change, and from the beginning of his school career til now starting high school in Winnipeg, he seems quiet and takes time to adjust to his surroundings....but my girls..they're like.."WOOHOO! stuff to do!!"...

    deep sigh...
    I feel ya Becky, give your guy a squeeze, you're making the right choices...


  4. Nice flashy shoes, very fancy! A back pack too! Wow! Is your teacher Nice? Did you have fun?

  5. It is tough to see them flap their little wings, knowing this is their first step to independence.

    He looks so tiny standing on the steps. It is hard to let get, but we have to let them spread their wings. Hopefully his next few days will be better as he makes some new friends.

  6. I cant believe how big he is!
    i love the picture. he looks so big with his back pack.
    i would have cried, even if i got to go in.

  7. I was thinking about Ben all afternoon as he went to school, I was so proud of his apple tree craft he brought home from school, I smiled at what a big boy he had become ... and after reading this post I just want to keep him home with me. I wish Ben's first day at school had gone as we anticipated - letting go is much harder to do when he makes it plain he still needs us.


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