I am so smart. S-M-R-T!

This evening, after psyching myself up for a while, I took the test with the rest of the nation. Last time I had to try and concentrate with that music that makes me tense and Ben running around. This time I opted for the internet option and there was no freaky tense music, plus Ben was sleeping soundly on my lap... A much better setup. I suppose I was also calmer this time because there were no painful math questions to make me feel all rushed and flustered. Grammar and talking stuff seems more clear cut to me... Either I know it or I don't, and, for the most part, I did.

I lay it all down to way too much reading and a little bit of luck, because I can tell you for a fact I still don't know how I guessed what the hoink a d├ępanneur is and if you ask me tomorrow I won't remember anyways. I don't mind having a little luck on my side though. I need these things to boost up my ego. Sadly, this time the test results don't class me as a genius or anything thrilling... There was only this uninspiring table...

Apparently, I'm astute. I looked it up in the thesaurus. Here are the words it came up with: adroit, brainy, bright, calculating, canny, clever, crafty, discerning, foxy, insightful, intelligent, keen, knowing, perspicacious, quick, sagacious, savvy, sharp, shrewd, sly. Bright? What's the point of scoring over 51 if I'm in the same class as people who didn't? Sheesh. Throw us a bone CBC! (Not literally, of course. That was an expression. And I would know. Heh heh.)

Anyways, I need a lot more glory than astute is giving me, so let's see if I can't do better than CBC did...

That's more like it. Ahhhh... The sublime delectation of conspicuous aggrandizement. Feels goooood.


  1. P.S. Ben just asked if he could play with some "townsfolk". LOL. I have no idea where he got that from. Apparently, the language god thing runs in the family.

  2. 50.

    How hideously humiliating! Minutes ago I would have confidently stated that as an example of alliteration. Then this miserable little test came along and I don't/dont/dont'/do'nt know anymore.

    'What the...?' indeed! What a sorry excuse for a language test! Who cares how you spell chrysanthimummomom?! They should have asked how to spell important words like 'dilithium' and 'flux capacitor'. Who cares about Margaret Atwood and Donald Rumsfeld?! Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas did more to shape the Canadian language than they ever did! And on that note, it seems only fitting that my concluding remark is:

    Take off, ya hoser!

    (PS: Happy 2-4, Bob and Doug!)

  3. I got 47, but in my defense, it's just about 1:30 and my computer screen is starting to look a little blurry! Off to bed! Since they don't show the answers, I'll try again when I'm more alert! See if it makes any difference!

  4. hahahahhahahha! This post made me laugh! You're quite funny for being so astute.

  5. I got 50 out of 70 correct so I guess I'm bright. They told us how the groups placed but they did not tell us how they scored! I figure that it must have been pretty bad. I wanted to know where I placed in comparison to the rest of the population. I was doing very good (even with doing poor in the spelling section) until I got to the word origin section. How in the world would anybody know that ketchup was Chinese? Who cares? Is that a good indicator of language IQ? That is a good indicator of being a geek. (synonym: nerd)LOL I did surprisingly well in the TXT talk. BTYL

  6. What does BTYL mean?

    Back to you later?
    Between you and Lassie?
    Barf till you're lean?

    Oh, and LOL @ "That is a good indicator of being a geek. (synonym: nerd)"

  7. Well THAT wreaked complete havoc on my self esteem. Thank you Becky.

    I was brilliant at all of the txt/computer lingo questions. That just shows me that I spend WAY TOO MUCH time on the computer taking crazy self-esteem burning tests, and not enough time studying about important things like...ketchup and valley-girl slang talk. :)

  8. I scored 56, but to be honest I think about half of what I got right I didn't know I knew. The other half I knew but forgot that I knew so therefor got them wrong. The ones I knew that I knew I of course ... oh forget it.No one says it like Donald Rumsfeld.


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