It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

We have some new neighbors across the street. They are proving to be a pleasant addition to the neighborhood in so many ways.

For instance, last night they made sure the whole neighborhood could enjoy their party music and laughter. AND instead of going to bed like the rest of us, they made the sacrifice of partying till past 5am just so the rest of us didn't have to lay in our beds doing anything as boring as sleeping. I really appreciated it.

Today, even though they must have been hung over, they dragged themselves out of bed and hung around in their driveway drinking and cussing just so I had something interesting to watch while I painted our house. Now that's a good neighbor. They didn't even take a break from the driveway when they needed to settle some domestic issues and let the whole neighborhood hear and witness some Jerry Springer moments right on our own street! What could be better on a Saturday afternoon? Nothing. That's what.

Later, even though their own preschool children were busily playing in the road unsupervised as usual, they didn't let that stop them from bashing some beer bottles all over their driveway (and one on the street), screaming the F word at each other for a while, and then climbing into their car and driving away while still making sure to take some swigs from the beer bottles to just boggle my mind in case I was getting bored with the driveway performance. Always thinking of others before themselves. So unselfish. (I appreciated that most of all. I haven't got to call the RCMP for a long time, and Glen was expecting a phone call and we wanted to make sure our phone was still working.)

So, to my dear friends across the street, welcome to the neighborhood and thanks so much for making my afternoon so pleasant and relaxing. I'm really looking forward to forming a closer relationship with you... Er... I mean... The RCMP dispatch officer.


  1. Oh, Becky. I will pray for you, but mostly for your neighbors. I will pray that the Holy Spirit will come among them and stir them up in a way that will make them want to run home calling out to our Heavenly Father for help.

  2. Sorry to hear about your neighbors. That really sucks. That is why I really hate living in town. Give me the country where my nearest neighbor is at least a mile away.
    It's amazing how quickly someone can ruin such a good thing. Hopefully your local RCMP will stay on top of it.

  3. I sure hope they don't run over a child! Make sure you call the police and let them know that there is a drinkin and a drivin going on. Hope they hand out some nice tickets and take away some licenses...that is if they even have one.I would call social services if those little ones are in the street as an accident waiting to happen. You could save a life. I guess their parents don't care. Typical! We knew it! Too bad you could not get away from that.

  4. Are these the neighbors directly across the street doing all the new renos? Is that black diesel truck theirs, too? That SUCKS! Maybe the private closed blind neighbors were funner after all. At least you couldn't see, hear or worry about all the jigga-jazz going on and hurting little innocents.

  5. No. Not right across the street. One over.

  6. Hmm, my spiritual opinion is a slingshot, after dark, from behind a tree or some such thing.

    I've honestly considered that after a bad weekend of no sleep.

    Hang in there and call the cops every chance you need to.

  7. Seriously?

    You know your Aunt Margaret is better than me. I was going to pray that they move.

    Well...maybe now the neighborhood will have something other to focus on than your unmowed grass!


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