I did some reading, and watching today. I read through some memorial sites. I watched some tributes on YouTube... And I remembered how that day felt.

I looked at some of the faces of the ordinary people who died seven years ago. I listened to their voices talking to 911 operators. Some of them pleaded for help... Others were angry that it wasn't coming quickly enough. Just ordinary people reacting to fear and pain. I remembered feeling so helpless as I watched the news, wanting to stop it somehow.

Oprah did a show on the children of 9/11 that made me sob. I listened to the memories of the families left behind. My heart broke when I saw family members who were lost... Home movies of Dads wrestling with their children and photos of Moms giving piggy-backs. I remembered watching the news and crying at the footage of families putting up posters and wandering the streets with photos of their loved ones, hoping.

I remembered, but I didn't miss.

There are people who are missing someone today though... People whose hearts are aching for one more hug, one more laugh, one more touch, one more glimpse of a smile, one more "I love you"... And today they are on my mind, and in my heart and prayers.


  1. Sometimes we do get so caught up in our own lives that we forget about a big world out there filled with hurting people. It's always good to remember.


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