Exterior Painting Status: Complete

If jobs were poems this one would have been an epic. I had it in my head to write a fab post about the experience with some kind of deep parallel to life or love or something equally profound, but it's just not happening. The only thing I feel is relief. Overwhelming, all-encompassing relief.


In the beginning I thought, "Seven walls. No sweat. I've painted seventy times seven on the inside. This will be a breeze." What I didn't take into account is that these walls are much taller than the ones inside the house. This means climbing up and down really tall wobbly ladders over and over. It means scraping and sanding and priming and then two coats of paint. It means brushes and tiny rollers and big rollers. It means forgetting to take the paint off of the little shelf thingy on the ladder and spilling paint on myself a total of seven times. (I counted today. It was easy because the dried blobs were still there to remind me.) It means almost two months of getting to paint only during nap times and when the weather is appropriate. It means two big fights with Glen and a couple little ones. It means that I am never painting the exterior of a house again without reinforcements. Lots of them.

I'm so glad it's over.

It's taken so long that I can barely remember what it looked like when we started. So I found a picture to remind me:
That was taken on a visit to the house when we were considering buying it. You can't really tell, but when we bought it the house was painted a kind of pukey pinky brown. I hated it so much, not least because when it was last painted the people who did it only put on one coat so this brutal yellow showed through if you looked closely. Looking back I have to wonder how I saw past the inevitable three cars parked in and around the driveway, the dangling and broken twinkle lights, the multiple satellite dishes, the dangling and broken porch lights that had burned a rather large hole in a part of the siding, the weeds, the pealing paint, the dangling and frayed extension cords strung all over the place, the broken bikes and trash laying all over the yard... And that's just the outside. The inside was MUCH worse. MUCH. (Ask Ang.) The only answer I can come up with is, "I've got vision. I've got brushes. I've got ladders. Who could ask for anything more?"

And paint. I've got paint. Does anyone want two cans of very pale blue exterior paint? Sigh.

Lesson Learned: When buying paint, tint only a few cans at a time so you can take back the extras.

Oh well. It's done. I got it done before the snow came and that's all that counts. Did I mention that I'm really glad it's over? Because I am. So glad.


  1. Well Done, Becky! I'm so glad you're done, too (and not just because now there's someone else to help look after the boys!) You really have done a fabulous job on this house. That old picture you found proves it. Painting the house has been a long arduous brutal ordeal, but now you can smile every time you pull up to the house with its bright new finish! Congratulations, Becky! You did it! And I'm proud of you!

  2. I am also proud. You have done an amazing job! And your marriage is still intact. I am totally in awe!

  3. I got rhythm, I got music, I got my man
    Who could ask for anything more?
    I've got daisies in green pastures
    I've got my man
    Who could ask for anything more?

    *does the jig
    *waves around jazz hands

  4. SO happy for you Becky. It looks fabulous.!!!! I wish mine was done. I think we have to put on new siding though, so my partcipation in that will be minimal. I hope....

  5. P.S. Glen you have an amazing wife!

  6. NICE JOB!!! Looks fantastic, I must say. Surely it must be better than pinky brown with a yellow underlay. My house sure is needing some work *wink wink nudge nudge hint hint know what i mean say no more a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat cough comevisitme cough*

  7. good job Becky!!...I hate painting...like..planned painting..where you have to use ONE colour...belch..

    so proud of you!!

    you're awesome..

    love & laughter,

    YAY girl! I really can't believe you got it done already... what a WONDERFUL surprise! Good for you... seriously. GOOD FOR YOU! It really looks great. You have to be pleased!! I'm SO pumped for you!!

  9. I've taken on some big painting jobs though never an entire outside of a house. I can't imagine the relief you feel. I would feel the same. It looks great. Good job!

  10. Good for you Becky!
    It does look great!
    I covered a bunch of painted canvases... decided that my place needed a lift!
    Out with the old.. in with the new!
    Paint can make great changes!



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