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Thanks to facebook and the wonderful world of blogging, I've connected with a classmate who I've known since, I think, grade six. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love facebook for that very reason? Well, just in case I haven't... I do.) Jen writes a fabulous blog, and I've really enjoyed getting to know her better over at Aspergertopia.

She tagged me with a meme that asks: "What 5 qualities that make you a good writer?"

Yoiks. I'm like Jen. I could come up with five things that make me a rotten writer really easily. (I love to cut myself down. It's one of my favorite hobbies.) I've been trying to come up with something for the past few days and so far I've got nothing. I'm stubborn though, so I'm not going to let this meme beat me. The plan is to just start typing and see what happens. Here I go.
  1. I like talking. I talk a lot so I think it is pretty natural for me to write a lot. This blog is my way of talking to a whole bunch of people all at once. (Good one Becky. I knew this plan would work.)
  2. I like to read. I've always liked to read. I think people who read a lot find it easy to put things down on paper... Or the computer screen. (Yes. Two down. Three to go.)
  3. (Hmmm... Uhhhh...) I'm a pretty fast typer? (That one was a little lame, hopefully I'll do better with the next one.)
  4. (Oh! I know!) I'm good at procrastinating. How does make me a good writer you ask? Well, it doesn't I guess. It makes me a writer though. For example, I wouldn't be writing this post if I wasn't putting off doing the dishes. Procrastination has served me well on many occasions. I owe a lot of fab posts to putting off housework.
  5. I love words. I always have. I love writing poems and songs. I love writing stories. I love putting my thoughts into words that perfectly express exactly how I feel. I love looking at something I've written and feeling that I got it just right. (Sadly, that probably won't happen with this post, but you can't win them all.)
There you have it. And it only took me 7 minutes. Yes. It's all about quality not quantity over here at alittlestone. And you, my faithful readers, get to reap the benefits. You're welcome.

I tag Shirley, my mom, Becky, Kim, and Dixie 'cause they are all pretty great writers. And just in case they are lazy writers like me, I'm bribing them with a Drumstick, Tootsie Roll Pops, bruschetta at Moxie's, Diet Coke, and an icecream somewhere in P.A. respectively. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will.


  1. You are also good with grammer, punctuation, and spelling.
    It certainly makes your blog easy to read.
    You have a sense of humour, that makes your writing enjoyable.
    Your love for others shines through in your writing, that gives us warm fuzzies.
    Your humility allows us be comfortable with you, it's like spending time with a good friend.
    Your openness and honesty about your feelings, help us to be more open and honest with ourselves.
    Even your readers can easily find five good things about your writing.

  2. OH BECKY!! What is the stronger inability to say good things about myself, or my inablilty to say no to those drumsticks? You know my know I'll do anything for those blasted drumsticks.

  3. Oh and by the way, I was going to buy some of those yesterday, and they were all gone. Does that mean you cleared Superstore out of them so I wouldn't be able to cheat?! haha

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  5. Becky . . . no need for bribery. Although, that Diet Coke is tempting. Just so you know, yes, I will eventually participate in this meme. Right now life is pretty busy and I don't have as much time for blogging as I'd like; thus, my posts have been somewhat lacking in content lately.


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