Starting Now

My camera is broken. Or my computer. Or the cord that goes from my camera to my computer.

Either way, I can't get my photos off of my camera and onto my computer. And so... No new posts. Why you ask? Why can't I just write something without a picture?

Because I said so.

(Heh heh. Man I used to hate it when Dad would say that. Actually, he still says that, and I still hate it. But now that I have Ben asking me for candy and green cars every waking hour of every day, I'm starting to see where he was coming from...)

Where was I? Oh yeah, because I said so. Actually, I don't mind telling you. The real reason is that I have this picture of a magical event I attended with some fab people, and I'm not posting anything else till I get to write about it.

I guess I'm posting this though. But it doesn't count. It's like when you say, "I'm not talking to you anymore." But then someone asks you to clarify why you aren't speaking to them, or for how long the silent treatment is going to last, or you need to ask them to pass the mustard or something. So you just say "Starting now!" after you get everything all straightened out.

Sometimes you can even say more stuff after that. You just have to say starting now again and the new stuff doesn't count either.

That's what this post is. It's the stuff before I say starting now. Or possibly after I say starting now, but before I say starting now again.


  1. Awe man! That sucks! I hate it when that happens! I totally 'get' how your feeling.

    I happend to check my email and noticed you left some comments.

    First...what the heck are you still doing awake. I thought I was the only one with a late night blog/surfing addiction. I am "cheersing" you with my Epicure hot chocolate.

    Second...Awe shucks, thanks for your of them even made me blush (right back at you, 'hot stuff').

    Third...Go to bed!

  2. God I ask you for your wisdom and your knowledge, (because you know what's wrong with the camera) to come to Becky.

    I can hardly wait to find out what that picture is about.


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