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I Made It!

Well people, I did it. Thirty days of posts! Sing with me:

Feels good.

A Whole Lotta Nothin'

You know how I always say I have nothing to say and then I talk for a really long time? I'm going to do it again. Sort of. I'm completely at a loss tonight. Really. So you're getting a post made up of anything I can scrape together.
I had a massage again today. Last time I went the girl could barely touch me because I was so sore. I think it was pretty much a waste of time. Today I wasn't as sore and things went better. I feel fab. I wish I could go for a massage every day of my life.
I got to order free stuff from my PartyLite party. I'm VERY excited. Aunty Susan was wondering what I got. So just for her (and my mom) :Glen wrote a comment about my last post. I thought it was hysterically funny and I wouldn't want any of you to miss it so here it is:

"Here's a rough approximation from last night in the tub:

[We hear Sammy crying in the bathroom. Glen enters.]

Glen: Ben, did you pour water on Sammy's head?

Ben: No. I didn't. Little Doodey ... Little …


Someone named Little Dudey has been sneaking into the bath with Ben and Sam. Glen and I have never seen him, but over the last week we've been advised of his presence, and his behavior. Ben assures us that Little Dudey is the one who has been pouring water on Sam and stealing his bath toys. We suspect that Little Dudey has been doing this for a very long time and unfortunately, since Glen and I have never actually seen him, we blamed Ben for tormenting poor Sam. It's an important discovery that answers many questions.

The only question left unanswered is, how do we convince Little Doodey to behave himself in the bath if we never actually get to speak with him? It's a conundrum.

Deck the Halls!

It's that time of year again! Christmas has come to alittlestone! Yay!

I've got the tree up over here again. I put up your ornaments from last year, but there's still LOTS of room for more! So send me a photo of your favorite ornament, or anything you'd like really, and I'll put it on the tree.

Trav suggested last year that I put up a running list of whose ornaments are whose, so I'll put that list in the comments on the tree page just for him. Someone else suggested that I make it so that when you click on each photo you could get a zoom in view. I think that's a fab idea, but since I only have a hazy idea of how I would go about that, it'll have to wait till next year. Hey! Don't complain! You're getting your list aren't you? (Fine. Because it's for Christmas, I'll ask Glen if he can help me, but don't hold your breath. We're not that smart. For now, I'll just make the tree a lot bigger than it was last year.)

Serenity Now

I'll tell you something that I've recently discovered about myself. I'm tired of drama over dumb things. I say, if you don't like it, change it, ditch it, or shut up. Simple.

Lately I find myself going with the ditch it option a lot more than I used to. I just find myself thinking, "It's not worth it, so forget it" more than I ever have before. I'm not sure if this is growth or decline. In some ways, I think it's great. For practical purposes, I've found myself feeling less stressed, less angry, and with a lot more time on my hands. In theory though, it means that I am prepared to give up on my ideals and desires if a hurdle is placed in my path.

The starting gun is fired, I start to run, I see the hurdle. Maybe I jump one, or even two hurdles, and then when the third one springs up in front of me I shrug my shoulders and walk off the track to get myself a nice iced tea and maybe some Spitz... And leave the jumping and sweating to the people who…

Green is the Colour!


This is all I've got for you tonight...

One of my all time favorite movie moments:

I literally LOL every time I see this. When I first noticed it, it was even better. Things are always funnier when you think you're the only one who saw it. It makes you feel so special. Enjoy.

Blast from the Past

Our Halloween candy is finally gone. All that's left is this:
I didn't think they even made these things anymore. Doesn't just looking at it bring back memories?
Memories of eating all of my candy the first week and being left with only the gross stuff like raisins and licorice.Eating all of the gross stuff the next week and being left with only Halloween kisses. (Heh heh. Cause those things are grosser than gross.)
Eating all of the Halloween kisses the next week and being left with only one other option: To raid your hording sister's bowl which has barely been touched since she spent her first evening sorting and counting it.
Which leaves us with the burning question: What's creepier? The fact that somewhere on our Halloween route was someone who not only found, but purchased and handed out, every child's nightmare candy... Or the fact that Ang used to still have plenty of good Halloween candy left weeks, even months, after normal children had gorged themselves…

Because I Have To

I've come this far. I can't stop now.

I would today though. I'm really not in the mood to post. My original plans for a post today are being postponed because I'm sick. If I wasn't doing NaBloPoMo I wouldn't post at all, but I am. So I will. Unfortunately for you that means you are about to hear about my day, since I am not in the mood to be fun, funny, or creative. I'm also not in the mood to be thoughtful, interesting, or insightful. In fact, if I were you I'd find something else to do and tune in tomorrow when, hopefully, I'll be back to my old, amazingly entertaining, self.

I'm sick. I feel like poopy-ca-ca. Literally. Plus I can't stop sneezing, which I actually usually enjoy. (Does anyone else think there's not much better than a good sneeze?) I'm not enjoying it today, because my back hurts. A frickin' lot. And sneezing hurts a frickin' froinkin' lot. And I can't find the ColdFX I bought last month anywhere.


He's here. The Phantom of the opera.

Oh man. I don't think mail has thrilled me this much since... Well, ever! Glen had them mixed up in the junk mail. Can you believe that?


Anyways. I'm excited. We have rockin' seats. In fact, we're so close that I'm planning on wearing flame retardant clothing just to be on the safe side. (Pyrotechnics are a pretty integral component of this show.) EEEEEEEEE! Just thinking about it makes me want to run around the basement in circles squealing like a little girl at her first slumber party. (Hey Jen, do you remember one time when came to a slumber party at your house? I think it was in grade six. You rented Gremlins and I was so scared I made you leave the lights on. I wonder why you never invited me again... ?)

I am having a problem that the arrival of the tickets has only exacerbated. I can't stop thinking about going. I can't stop singing the songs or trying to remember which scene was my favorite the last time I saw it. This wouldn't be a problem at a…

Parenting 380: Advanced Housekeeping

I have something to show you, but before you see it you need to know two things:
I have a really sore back right now. Bending over is quite painful.We have a lot of toys in our basement.
My boys are incredibly skilled when it comes to scattering toys from, literally, one corner of our basement to the other.I'm brilliant!
All right, so that was four things, but close enough. Here's the picture:
Genius! I'm telling you, this is going to change my life!

Overwhelmed by Expectation

High expectations. We all have them. Sometimes they spur us on to do great things and be great people. And sometimes... They are crippling.

I saw a show on Oprah a long time ago about new moms and their expectations for motherhood. So many of them expected being a perfect mom to come easily. They expected to hold their baby for the first time and love it more than their own lives. They expected to take that baby home and feel fulfilled more than they ever had before. They expected days filled with tickling and playing, coloring and storybooks. The truth was, they didn't. The truth is, while I've heard that this happens to some people, I don't know any.

And yet, I still find myself surprised when I hear moms confess to feeling overwhelmed, stifled, frustrated, and like failures. I'm surprised when I find out people who I think are amazing moms yell at their kids sometimes and would rather spend an hour reading a book with a bag of chips than playing blocks with their two…

If I hadn't seen it myself...

... I may not have believed it. Or at least I would have taken some convincing. Yay Riders! I'm sure there are tears of joy being wept all across the Rider Nation tonight.

My Not-So-Dirty Little Secret

I used to eat soap. When I was a little girl Mom had to hide it or I'd find it and come out of the bathroom frothing at the mouth.

Yesterday I found a bar of soap on lying in the middle of the kitchen floor. Someone must have taken it from one of the bathroom drawers.
It had bite marks in it.

It's good to know that someday I will have someone to share my love of Thrills gum with. (Yum. Soapy goodness.)

Ang is Coming

She just called from Springside.

"How much farther is it from Springside?"

LOL. Fifteen minutes Ang.

This weekend will probably be the greatest test to my nablopomo commitment. We have a lot of faithfully taped ANTM and Beauty and the Geek to get through. Not to mention a pretty hot date lined up with our favorite hussy. I don't know how I'm going to fit posting into our jam packed schedule of television and sitting around.

And.... Wait for it....

She's here! Hurrah!

I Shop Victoriously!

Hi. I'm Becky and I'm an ebay-oholic.

A few days ago Glen and I were talking about the new ebay ads on TV. He thinks it takes pretty nervy and/or impressive marketing to persuade people that shopping on ebay is like winning something, as opposed to just... Shopping. And paying.

I told him he just didn't get it. It is like winning.

Case in point: I have been looking ALL OVER for this Shake 'n' Go racetrack that my Gramma got Noah last Christmas. I have only been able to find the new version, in which the cars crash up and pieces go flying everywhere. Not really suitable for little Sammy. I'm pretty much convinced it is not for sale in any store in Saskatchewan. I had even begun to despair of ever getting my hands on the perfect gift for my boys, when it occurred to me... Ebay! Of course!

So I ran a quick search, and found some! Hurrah! The feeling of winning rushed over me as I looked through all of the auctions till I found a nice low price from the perfect seller …

I have to say...

I'm kind of loving this posting every day thing. There's something about it that makes me feel free. Which is not what I expected. I expected to feel kind of oppressed by the knowledge that I had to think of something to say every single day for a month.

When I was younger I played the flute. I loved it. I practiced for endless hours every day without fail, without being pushed, and with enthusiasm. And then I stopped. It started to be required instead of something inspired.(That rhyme was for Carrie.) I was taking private lessons and I had to practice for at least an hour every day. So I stopped wanting to, which was weird since I had no problem practicing for 3 hours a day before that. Once it became compulsory, it lost it's fun.

I was a little worried that would happen if I was forced (even if it's just me doing the forcing) to write something. But it hasn't. I know it's still early on, but I really like knowing I will post something every day. It probably ha…

I Don't Get It

I saw this news item online tonight. It's about an art auction at Christie's. Now, in general, I love art. All of it. Even the weird stuff that makes no sense is beautiful on some level. And I can sit and stare at it and find meaning in it. Even if the only meaning is the beauty of simplicity. That's okay. I get it.

What I don't get is how anyone could pay 34.4 million dollars for "simplicity".

I. Don't. Get. It. You like it? Go get someone to make you one just like it and save yourself enough money to buy a kick a** house and an island to put it on. Then hang it over your fireplace, pour a nice glass of wine, and toast yourself for being smarter than the dummy that paid 34.3 million.

But that's just me.

I watched some TV last night...

Alka seltzer has these new commercials with this woman swimming around in bubbly water. I think she's in clothes, but it may have been a swimsuit. I can't remember. Either way, this ad makes no sense to me. Cold medicine commercials are supposed to have things like warm fires and soothing vapors. If I have a cold the last thing I would consider doing is swimming around in bubbly water in my clothes. Brrrrrr. Completely unappealing. Too bad I hadn't been a member of that focus group.

What's with starting shows at 7:02, and 7:32? And I don't mean just starting them late, I mean actually scheduling them to start at 2 minutes past. It's stupid, it's irritating, and all it does it make me miss the beginning of things I want to watch because, like an idiot, I assume they'll start at a time that isn't retarded.

Dancing with the Stars... Just makes me happy. I literally LOL through that whole show. Sometimes I bounce on the couch and clap too. Oh, I love it. …

Hong Kong House

Some people in my life have indicated that it is getting difficult to keep up with all these posts. For that reason, today's post will be super short. Just one quick Ben story:

We decided to go out for Chinese food last night. As we were driving to the restaurant, Ben was pretty excited to go to the "restaurant store" and asked us questions like, "What are you guys going to get?" along the way. We passed by McDonald's on the way and still managed to convince Ben that noodles would be okay for supper. Or at least we thought we'd convinced Ben. As we were being seated by our waitress Ben yells out, "BUT I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING TO MCDONALD'S!" Poor little guy. The whole restaurant was laughing and he was crying, until the waitress told us they served fries. Then everything was good. (He ended up eating more noodles than fries. Ha ha ha.)

Since I have all this spare time leftover now that I'm not writing a big post on here, I'll try to u…

Don't read this Dad, it's about boobs.

Since I have now completely ran out of things to post about, and since my emergency list is empty, I've resorted to looking through my list of old posts for any ideas that got left as unpublished drafts. The only problem with this idea is that I left most of these posts because I never quite managed to bring them together into some kind of cohesive whole, so actually it might be less work to think of something new.

It might be. But then again, it might not. So here's something I heard about a while ago and have been irritated by ever since...

Have you ever heard of that TLC show, Shalom in the Home? I've watched five minute segments on occasion, but never a whole episode. I wouldn't have even watched that much if I'd had any idea that the Rabbi on that show is about the last person I'd want to take marriage advice from.

Get this: The guy claims women are basically cheating on their husbands when they nurse their babies. Sounds crazy right? Sounds like a joke? Here…

Has this ever happened to you?

I was at this store tonight, which is never a good start to the evening for me, when something strange happened. I was printing off some pictures and went to the till to pay for them. My total was $3.22. I gave the cashier a five dollar bill, then started fishing around in my change. When I came up with my two pennies and handed them over the cashier tells me, "Oh sorry, I can't do that."

WHAT? Uhhhhh?

So I say, "Are you joking?"

So he says, "I've already printed up the receipt, see? You gave me $5.00..."

I interrupt this stunningly ridiculous explanation to say, "Are you joking? This is ridiculous." (I am laughing in disbelief at this point.)

So he says, "Well if I do that then my till won't be right at the end of the night."

WHAT? I mean... Seriously... WHAT?!? Where am I?

So I say, "You will still have just as much money, you will just have a different amount of pennies!" Then, shaking my head and laughing, I interr…

The Time Has Come

That's it. I've run out of post ideas. I was hoping I'd make it a little longer, but apparently a week of posts is as far as I get before I have to start scraping the bottom of the barrel.

So now, it's time to start making use of my emergency post ideas list.

The first idea is to tell you why I'm even concerned about writing a post today since I just wrote one yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that, and... You get the picture.

So here it is, the big secret, the grand announcement that I've been saving for the day that I can't think of anything to say:

I signed up for NaBloPoMo which is very much like NaNoWriMo, only lamer. I would have done it last year, only I stumbled across the website ten days into November, which was already too late. I guess the question is, why would I bother? What's the point? I don't know. Because it's there?

There are the prizes of course, but since I'm fairly certain I won't win any, I don&#…

Snow Day

You know, winter in Saskatchewan would be fab if it wouldn't get so cold. I love snow. I know some of you will hate me forever for saying that, but I do. Especially when it comes down in those big fat flakes that get caught in your eyelashes, and you can catch on your tongue.

Today was our first real snow in Yorkton. I say "real" to distinguish between the snow that lasts at least a whole day and the fake snow that only lasts an hour or two. The boys and I went outside for a while. Ben had to where his rubber boots because I haven't found any winter boots for him that match his jacket and don't have Lightening McQueen or Spiderman on them. So tacky. (Yes Mom and Dad, I can hear you from here, get him the boots he likes and stop being so prissy, blah blah blah...) Happily it wasn't too cold, so his little tootsies were fine.

Sammy was very excited, which is his usual state. I tell you, that kid gets excited about everything. "SOW! SOOOOOOOOW! SOW! SOW! SO…

Two Things:

One: My new favorite meal is a container of Ben and Sam's fancy Danino brain boosting yogurt (I prefer the raspberry) and some Eggo waffles. But not just any waffles. The new Eggo Plus - Wheat and Blueberry waffles have been rocking my world. I love those things. I want some right now, and I had them for lunch along with a taped episode of Survivor. Mmm... Jeff Probst and waffles dipped in yogurt. (I just dipped the waffles, not Jeff.) What could be better? Not much, I'll tell you that for free.
Two: Since the posts have been flying by at the speed of sound lately, I thought some of you might have missed Glen's comment on my post about Glen's Mom's condo/prison. I thought I'd share it here to make sure everyone grasps the full extent of the lunacy going on in that place. Here it is:

By the way, Margaret, the old pinch-faced, lemon sucking think tank you refer to in your imaginings actually exists at my mom's condo. They're called the "condo cops"…

Creepy Crawlies

Since my camera was holding some kind of grudge and refused to upload my pictures last week, I never got to post an adorable picture of the boys in their Halloween costumes. And since I'll go with pretty much any idea for a post, here are my two favorite guys in all their cute costumed glory:(Click on the image for a larger size.)

Keeping with the theme of the spooky and chilling, Sam's cold has progressed to the stage where he sneezes out boogers that hang down past his chin and he walks around moaning like some unearthly apparition caught between two worlds. (What worlds? I don't know. Snot and phlegm?) It's fab.

The Lights Are Out But Someone's Home

The boys are sick. And...

Sam is teething. He also has diarrhea. He is NOT a happy camper. It would probably help if he would sleep, but he doesn't seem to be interested in that particular activity right now.

Ben's constipated. He's been working on a poop all day despite the stool softeners and prune juice I've been pouring down him. It stinks down here. He keeps giving out false alarms. He also keeps making me wipe his nose. He doesn't like boogers.

We had a power outage tonight for around three hours. (I almost thought I wasn't going to get to blog!) I had to BBQ our supper. It was the best part of my day.

No Rest for the Wicked

Well. We're back in Yorkton. It was such a short trip you might not have even noticed we were gone, but we were. I have the bags laying upstairs ready to be unpacked to prove it... And some under my eyes, just in case you still weren't convinced. (I'm so tired right now I've got that gross ready-to-vomit feeling and I can hardly keep my eyes open.)

We stayed with Glen's mom this time. Her condo has guest rooms that can be rented like hotel rooms which sounds lovely, but really isn't. For one thing, it means we are all crammed into the same room. Glen sleeps on the floor, Sam sleeps in his playpen, and Ben and I sleep in the double bed. Before you go thinking I had the best end of the deal, you should know that for a scrawny little guy, Ben takes up a LOT of space. (Ask my mom.) He tosses around and creeps and rolls and flails... So really, Glen and I were even. Actually, I made him such a nice bed out of a contraband (more about that later) comforter, and a foam…

This One Counts

To most people, this picture will look like a dinner out with the girls. Most people will look at this and think, "Wow! Becky does do stuff without the kids sometimes!"

People who know me, really really well will know this wasn't just a dinner out with the girls. This was no ordinary girl's night.

I thought I'd write a big post about the impact this event had on me, but I'm finding myself at a loss for words. When I look at the picture all I get is this giddy excited feeling welling up inside of me. No wonder I couldn't keep myself quiet and calm in high school. No wonder I our parents had so much trouble separating us from our phones. I had completely forgotten the effect they have on me.

Confused? That's because you don't know these are my bestest friends from high school. One of them is my bestest friend from Kindergarten. We spent so much time together that people used to ask if we were sisters. Inseparable doesn't even quite cover it. I lov…

This Doesn't Count

There are days, like today, when I miss the other me. I miss fun Becky. I miss cute Becky. I miss bubbly Becky. She's swell. I like being around her.

These days I spend a lot more of my time with grumpy Becky. Frustrated Becky hangs around a lot. Mean Becky shows up every now and then. And tired Becky never leaves me alone. She's not just sleepy tired though. She's "Knock-knock jokes are so tired" tired. Worn out. Lame. Passé. She bugs me the most. She's the one that brings along the Beckies I don't like whenever she visits. I feel bad for the people that have to hang around with all of us.

It seems that letting myself go has become a bit of a habit with me. On so many levels. And if you think about the phrase, it's more about what's happening inside than it is outside. The part that people can see is only a symptom of what's really going on. Inside, I find I'm letting myself slack off on most of the things that are important to me, includi…

Starting Now

My camera is broken. Or my computer. Or the cord that goes from my camera to my computer.

Either way, I can't get my photos off of my camera and onto my computer. And so... No new posts. Why you ask? Why can't I just write something without a picture?

Because I said so.

(Heh heh. Man I used to hate it when Dad would say that. Actually, he still says that, and I still hate it. But now that I have Ben asking me for candy and green cars every waking hour of every day, I'm starting to see where he was coming from...)

Where was I? Oh yeah, because I said so. Actually, I don't mind telling you. The real reason is that I have this picture of a magical event I attended with some fab people, and I'm not posting anything else till I get to write about it.

I guess I'm posting this though. But it doesn't count. It's like when you say, "I'm not talking to you anymore." But then someone asks you to clarify why you aren't speaking to them, or for how …