This One Counts

To most people, this picture will look like a dinner out with the girls. Most people will look at this and think, "Wow! Becky does do stuff without the kids sometimes!"

People who know me, really really well will know this wasn't just a dinner out with the girls. This was no ordinary girl's night.

I thought I'd write a big post about the impact this event had on me, but I'm finding myself at a loss for words. When I look at the picture all I get is this giddy excited feeling welling up inside of me. No wonder I couldn't keep myself quiet and calm in high school. No wonder I our parents had so much trouble separating us from our phones. I had completely forgotten the effect they have on me.

Confused? That's because you don't know these are my bestest friends from high school. One of them is my bestest friend from Kindergarten. We spent so much time together that people used to ask if we were sisters. Inseparable doesn't even quite cover it. I loved her. I love her. I love all of them. I want to see them every day so that giddy, excited, alive feeling never goes away.

Which explains why I used to phone them before and after school, sit with them in class, want to be their gym partner, and hang out with them every spare (and not so spare, which explains all the class skipping) moment of every day of my teenage existence.

And which also explains why since I've seen them again (two of them I haven't seen for almost 15 years) I feel like I've found a missing part of myself that I didn't know was missing. (I'm crying. Sheesh. What a sap.)

Hmm... It looks like I did have some words after all. That always happens once I start writing. Let that be a lesson to you people who haven't posted for weeks. Just start writing. I promise I'll read it and even leave a comment.


  1. WOW!! Your beautiful face says it all!

  2. What a wonderful reunion!

    The happiness you feel is fully captured in you face!

    3 cheers for facebook and reuniting with friends!

  3. you have a wonderful gift of sharing your have a wonderful heart...thank you for sharing your GLEE!!!!!!!!...


  4. Oh. Becky. I am so happy for you, and so wish I could do that with my friend, Rhea, from Calgary. I love her like that. I miss her so badly, that I just want to get on a plane and go. I think I might one day.

  5. I love friends, who no matter how long you've been apart it's like you just saw each other the day before. Talking to them is so easy. I have some friends like that. They are called the "Chippets". I miss them a lot.

    So glad you had this time together.

  6. guys have hardly changed! It doesn't seem that long ago when they hung out here. Next time bring me along. I probably could laugh at all your shenanigans now.


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