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Merry Christmas To All...

... And to all a good night.

One: Boys In New Jammies

We have a Christmas Eve tradition that was started by my parents. On Christmas Eve the boys, and sometimes me too, get new pajamas. I love it. Like my mom, to me there's not much better than freshly bathed children in new jammies, all cuddly and sweet smelling...... Unless you count waking up Christmas morning to sweet little boys vibrating with excitement in their cute new jammies. That's pretty good too.

Two: Dumb Stuff

I swear I didn't plan it this way, but "Two" is dumb stuff again this year. Last year it was this awesome ridiculously humongous wreath on the door of one of Glen's mom's condo neighbours. It still makes me laugh like crazy every time I see it. I used to wonder what the owners of that particular condo were thinking when they bought it. I have since discovered that it was purchased by a husband and brought home to his gob-smacked wife who mentioned that she thought maybe it might be a little large, but her concerns were brushed aside. LOL. That makes it even funnier than it was before. That poor woman. Ha ha ha! See? It still makes me laugh.

Something else that still makes me laugh is this:Oh man. Look at that dumb goose. He's so awesome. I've instructed my parents to leave him to me in their will. I'd cry if he ever got lost... Bitter tears of overwhelming grief and loss.

My mom has all these fake birds on her Christmas tree, and one year, because I hav…

Three: These Things

These are my very favorite cookies. And they're only available at Christmas time. They cost $2.00 a pack, but I'd pay at least $6.00. Yes. They are that good. LOL.

If you dip them in milk the sprinkles make a rainbow in your cup.

Four: You Know Who You Are

I promised myself I would only spend an hour working on this tonight. So far I'm only an hour past that. I think it's worth it though:
I'm on my way to Christmas with my family today. In just a few short hours I'll be standing right outside your door. (If you are my mom and dad anyways...) I love Christmas so much, the presents, the trees, the food, and most of all, my... ... ... I can't think of a good enough adjective... Family. I'm sure hoping all my Christmas wishes come true this year and we're all together.

Five: Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

I suppose if I was a little less careless about where I leave my sharpies I wouldn't be greeted by this sight when I come back to the computer after being gone for 2 minutes to help Ben go potty:
I also wouldn't be as fond of these things as I am:Seriously. Mr. Clean has saved me more times than Jesus.

(LOL. Sorry. Sorry! I am JUST JOKING. I only put that in there so Shirley would report me to the pastor. I'm hoping my blasphemy will require a home visit, possibly involving pizza and a Life rematch... Except... If you think about it, it only took once for Jesus to save me, and Mr. Clean has saved me at least five times that I can remember.)

Six: Noah (UPDATED)

I love Noah. I miss him. He is definitely one of my favorite things. How could he not be? Look at him! Don't you just want to squish him? (Don't though. He's got some pretty intense personal boundries.)Everyone in our family is a little down in the dumps right now. If you don't read my Dad's cancer blog then you probably don't know that my nephew is sick. The poor little guy has a bad cold with some chest congestion, which is bad enough, but with Dad's immune system the way it is, and with his transplant right around the corner, if Noah isn't better then we won't all get to be together this Christmas. My brother Jonathan, his wife Melissa, and my best nephew Noah won't get to come to our family Christmas.

This sucks. It sucks so bad, I can't even tell you. We need this. We really do. We need to be together. I'm crying just thinking about it, so I can't even imagine what Johnny and Melissa are feeling. It's not exaggerating to say…

Seven: The Game of Life

Yup. There are days, lots of days, when life sucks. It's hard. Sometimes it feels like there's no rhyme or reason to it, like you're just spinning a wheel and things happen to you randomly. Who gets kids, who doesn't? Who gets sick, who doesn't? It seems like no matter how well you plan, something always happens to mess those plans up, and the minute you start getting ahead you're hit with college fees and suddenly you're $200 000.00 down.
But you know what? When you have people you love by your side it makes it so much better. I think God gives us people like that to let us know He's there too.

I'm glad I'm not driving down this road called life all by myself.

Eight: Hoarfrost


Nine: Lindtt

Christmas. That blessed time of year when we celebrate the birth of Christ, God's gift of salvation... By eating chocolate and lots of it. Is Jesus really the reason for the season? Or is it Lindtt? I have to tell you. It's a tough one. Lindtt gets me pretty ding danged close to heaven. Any closer and I might have to declare it a tie.

Ten: Sleeping Ben

I love sleeping Ben. Not because it gives me a break, or because it usually means it's the end of my day, although those are both good reasons. I love sleeping Ben because he is just so darn cute...Here he is almost hanging off of my bed. Slightly scary, but still cute. Don't worry. I moved him right after I took his picture...Here he is crashed after preschool. He doesn't usually nap anymore, but on preschool days he always needs a little sleep after he gets home. It usually happens fairly spontaneously...Whoops. I woke him up trying to take his picture...
Don't worry though.
He was out again fairly quickly...
And I moved him somewhere a little more comfy after I took his picture.
You know what else? He still laughs in his sleep. His very first laugh was while he was sleeping when he was around two months old. He still does it, usually in the morning about an hour before he wakes up. I always wonder what he is dreaming about because he doesn't just snigger a little. H…

Eleven: Scrabulous

Some of you may know this already because you are forced to play endless games with me, but I am addicted to Scrabulous. I can't get enough. As if my facebook addiction wasn't already out of control, I usually have somewhere around ten games going at all times. I always save them till last too. When I get on facebook I check my wall and messages, and then usually read my news feed, then I cruise through some pictures, and THEN it's time for Scrabulous. Here's a game in which I tooled all over my poor mom. Which was sad, because I think she used the cheat-o-matic the whole game and I quit using it halfway through.

I used to be all about the cheat-o-matic. There's a warning at the top of the page that states, "Please don't use the Scrabble cheat-o-matic for normal gameplay, unless you are really stuck. You will find scrabble much more satisfying if you rely on your own wit." I laughed when I first read that. I would never consider relying on my own wit i…

The Twelve Days of Christmas... Again

Well people. It's that time of year again. Time for me to count my blessings... Backwards from twelve. So let's get started with a really Christmassy one:

Twelve: When things go exactly as I want them to.

(This one should really be saved for the number one position, but it's way too much work to make this list anything other than "in no particular order".)

Oh my word, I really do love it when things turn out just how I imagined they would.

The other night we decorated our tree. It was fabulous. Glen video taped, I took some cute pictures, and the boys were adorable x10. There was no fighting or crying or whining. Ben worked so hard to put up the beads and garland and they all ended up in one conglomerated (Don't you love that word?) mess at the bottom of the tree. We broke some ornaments I bought from a garage sale, but they weren't my favorites anyways, so I didn't care. Sammy tried to eat some ornaments, but managed to get a few up on the tree all on h…

It's Here!

You have no idea how fabulous my basement smells! Mmm. Partylite goodness.

Everyone's candle orders are all ready to be delivered... There were only a couple mix-ups for me to straighten out. For instance, I'm not sure who ordered this:
It doesn't show up on my invoice anywhere. I'll have to check over everyone's orders, and hopefully I'll figure it out. Till then I'm putting it in my living room. I think it looks nice with my Christmas decorations.

Birthday-A-Rama Comin' Atcha!

Many years ago I stepped out of my comfort zone into a world of strangers and new experiences and spent my first summer working at Redberry Bible Camp. You have no idea how many times I've thanked God that I took that step into the unknown. Today is one of those times.

Today I'm thinking about Value Village and Sherbet. I'm thinking about nachos made with moldy cheese and buying bags of bread to feed (or huck at) geese. I'm thinking about fights in campsites and early morning swimming lessons. I'm thinking about long talks and walks on the beach. I'm thinking about waiting in the rain for an evil plot to come to fruition. I'm thinking about Little Buddies and Big Buddies and cruising Regina in a rickety truck with sports socks pulled up to our knees. I'm thinking about Angerama Comin' Atcha. All day the memories have been flitting through my mind.
We met at camp in 1993. I can't believe it was that long ago. I think I loved her from the moment sh…

Way Back When

I'm home. I wish I wasn't though. I don't think I can tell you how hard it is to leave Dad when he's in the hospital, so I'll tell you something else.

On the drive home today I thought about a great question my mom asked on her blog: "If you could go back to your childhood for one day, what would you do?"

I thought about Stabler Point and walking the path to the beach in the mornings with my brothers and sister all in a line with our towels over our heads pretending to be monks. I thought about playing Barbies with Sheila Friesen and fighting over which Barbie got to be Ken's girfriend. I thought about dressing up Sweetums our cat in my doll clothes, and then a few years later doing the same thing to Jynx. I thought about my favorite teachers and field trips to the Forestry Farm. I thought about afternoons at Gramma and Grampa's with all of my cousins and enough food to feed a small country. I thought about the summer I slept every night in the play…