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One: Christmas Photos

Don't you love getting Christmas photos in the mail? I do. I love putting up photos of all my friends and their families up on my fridge. This year I got more than I usually do, and so I got even more of a thrill than most Christmases. Just plain Christmas cards are great in my books, but when you throw in a family picture with a snazzy Christmas border... Bliss.

Here's ours. (Some of you have one of these still on the way. I'm a little slow.)
Merry Christmas from our family to yours. We ho ho hope that God will bless you with joyful hearts as you celebrate His gift of love this Christmas and always.

Two: Bubble Lights

Have you ever seen these before? I've only ever seen them in one place: My mom and dad's Christmas tree. I love them. You really have to see them in action to get how pretty they are bubbling away on a tree. So glittery and magical. Mom only set up her new "fancy" Christmas tree this year. All of the fun stuff, including the bubble lights, usually gets put up on the fun tree in the basement, but this year everything got a late start and the awesome tacky Christmas stuff that I love was still in boxes when we got here. So I got out my sister's little tree and took it to Gramma's and set it up with my favorite decorations, including the Angel and her goose and, of course, the bubble lights. It looks fab. I love it.

(Here is a video of someone's bubble lights in action. If I get time I'll try to upload some video of the tree the boys and I set up, but I'm thinking I won't get time.)

Three: My New Dentist

My cousin Lisa is a dentist. (She's the Lisa who helped Ang and me write that thank-you note to my gramma.) I had my first appointment with her today. It was the most fun I've ever had at the dentist. It makes me giggle every time someone calls her "Dr. Braun", or whenever I get a message from "Dr. Braun's" office, or when she uses fancy dentist talk. I'm sure it has something to do with being able to picture her fighting with me over which outfit we would each wear when we played dress up.

Ben loves it there. They let him pick as many prizes as he likes. I didn't need prizes to convince me that having a dentist in the family is super. Maybe a visit with Lisa will be enough incentive to get me in the chair for check-ups more often than once every two or three years. That would be super-DUPER!

(I wanted to put up a picture of her giving Ben his first dental exam, but I don't have access to all my photos here at Mom and Dad's. Shucks.)

Four: Gramma

We're staying at my Gramma's house this Christmas. (She's on Vancouver Island over Christmas and she lives only a few blocks from Mom and Dad's. We usually stay at Mom and Dad's, but this is so nice for us especially with Dad frequently feeling sick and/or tired and the boys wanting to play with him CONSTANTLY when we're around. This way everyone gets a break and a little more space than we are used to at Christmas.)

Anyways. We're staying at Gramma's. And it's nice. Especially since staying at Gramma's almost feels like hanging around with her. There's a lot of great Gramma stuff there. All her pretty bells and dolls... And then the best stuff of all... All kinds of pictures of her family and lots of notes and things they've given her over the years. Here's something I found on her fridge that comes from a looooooooooong time ago:I'm not sure how long ago this was written, but I know she's had it up somewhere in her kitchen e…

Five: These Things (Again)

I wrote about these cookies last year. There was a difference though. Last year I had three or four boxes of them, this year I can't find them anywhere. If you Saskatoon people see them anywhere call me pronto because Christmas just isn't the same without them. I've got to stop looking at this picture. It's making me sad.

Six: Coming Home for the Holidays

Ahhhhhhhhh. It's good to be back.

Seven: Guest Bloggers

Wouldn't it be fun to see how Glen would answer the questions I posted yesterday? Wouldn't it be even more fun if he hadn't read my answers first? You don't have to answer that, because I've already decided (with the help from some prompting) that that's what I'm doing. (Part way from laziness and part way from idle curiosity.) Actually, I guess I should say: That's what Glen is doing. And so without further ado, I give you: Glenard.

1. He's sitting in front of the television, what is on the screen?
Whatever Becky is watching -- usually something dull like "What Not to Wear" or "Grey's Anatomy". ( :P )If there's something on that I want to watch, I tape it and watch it after the kids are asleep ... Otherwise I'd be interrupted for 3/4 of the episode. (Although lately I've taken to watching Doctor Who online.)

2. You're out to eat what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Some sort of House dressing, maybe …

Eight: Glenard

Some of you said a while back that you would like to hear some stuff about Glen, since I never seem to talk about him on here. Lucky for me, I came across this quiz on Christy's site yesterday:

1. He's sitting in front of the television, what is on the screen?
Battlestar Gallactica or Dr. Who or some other nerdy science fiction show that most people haven't even heard of. (Either that or Survivor or Project Runway or some show that he's not interested in, but has to watch because I usually get to pick. Although, that's not entirely accurate either because he usually takes care of the boys while I watch my shows, so even more likely would be WALL-E or Mighty Machines or Backyardigans.)

2. You're out to eat what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Tricky... He'll probably let me pick, since if he were to order a salad it would usually be to share with me.

3. What's one food he doesn't like?
Eggs. And "doesn't like" doesn't even b…

Nine: Christmas Lights

Don't you just love Christmas lights? I do. I especially like the multicolored ones. They look like candy to me. I'm totally not into the white ones, or the icicle ones, and absolutely not blue. Those ones are way too classy for me. If I can't have multicolored then I'll take alternating red and green, but definitely not on their own. Somehow just choosing one color doesn't seem as fun and friendly looking to me. This is why poor Ben didn't get his choice of plain red lights for our house when we bought our first set this year. He's pretty happy with these ones though. His daddy is our hero for climbing up and down a ladder three frigid days in a row to put some Christmas cheer up onto our house. Aren't they pretty? They make winter seem so much warmer and happier to me... Not warm enough to stop wishing it would go away, but what could? Nothing.

Ten: Pink Stuff

You have NO IDEA how much this pile of pink THRILLS me.

Eleven: A Post About Probst

Last year, I told you I love Survivor. It's one of my favorite things. Since I can't tell you I love it again, because that would be boring, I'll tell you one of the reasons I love it. (Yeah, yeah. I see that this could possibly be seen as just as boring... Possibly even more boring, but it was the finale tonight and so I've got Survivor on the brain.)I was discussing it with Glen just now, and I honestly don't know if I could watch the show without Jeff. I don't watch the show just to see him, but it wouldn't be Survivor without him saying "Survivors ready!" at the beginning of every challenge and quizzing the players at tribal council with those dimples flashing and that amused look in his eyes. I quit watching The Mole when Anderson Cooper stopped hosting it. I'm not sure what would happen to one of my favorite Thursday night traditions without Jeff there.

All right, I'm even starting to bore myself now. Really, it's just late and I …

Twelve: The Twelve Days of Christmas

It's that time of year again. It's the time when I count down some of my favorite things on each of the twelve days leading up to Christmas. This year I'm going to start the count with a few of my favorite posts from years gone by.

I really do like dumb stuff. I don't have any dumb stuff to put on my list so far, but I'm really hoping that something will come up. I don't think a Twelve Days of Christmas list would be complete without a new dumb stuff post. Here's the dumb stuff I liked last year and the year before:
Actually, now that I'm looking through my lists of favorite things I'm having a hard time picking a few of my favorite posts from years gone by other than these dumb stuff posts. It's hard to pick my favorite favorites. I guess I'll just have to leave it at the dumb stuff, and hope my Christmas wish will come true and I'll find some new dumb thing to post about this year.

I guess that just shows how much I like my Twelve Days of…

The Braun's Are Back in Town

On their way home from Seattle, Mom and Dad surprised us with a visit last night. It felt really good to be together again. I can't think of anything that makes me happier right now than just having some normal-feeling fun. I can hardly wait for Christmas. Please pray that everyone stays healthy. I think we all really need this time together in a big way, but we have to be careful to keep sickness away from Dad.

Also, Dad has a doctor appointment tomorrow. Please pray that it goes well and that the treatment he will be having will bring his cancer levels right back down to where they should be really quickly so that his transplant can go ahead. We're all pretty stressed over all of this, so we could all also use some prayer for peace and hope at a time when it's pretty hard to grab hold of either of them.


Mom and Dad are leaving Seattle. Yes people, you heard me right. Because Dad's stupid (I'm pretty grumpy right now, and this sort of name-calling is really quite mild compared to what I'd like to say) Saskatoon doctors couldn't be bothered to do the usual three-month follow up bone marrow biopsies, Mom and Dad (and the rest of us) were quite shocked to learn that there is 30% cancer cells in his bone marrow. This means that he needs more chemo (probably two or three more rounds) before he is ready for his stem cell transplant. And that means that all the fundraising, all the stress, all the work to get ready to go, all the driving, all the money spent was completely wasted.

And now it will all have to be done all over again once Dad's cancer cell levels are brought down to where they are supposed to be. Mom and Dad will have to get their finances together, re-organize their lives, and say a painful goodbye to all of us all over again.

Of course, this could possibly h…

Candle Advent

Ahhhh... It feels good to be able to decide whether I want to blog or not. We've been pretty busy over here the last few days, plus I'm still getting over my dumb cold, so it's been nice to have one less thing to do. I'm missing reading all the blogs that were also doing NaBloPoMo though, so I figured if I was missing them, maybe they were missing me, and maybe I should write a post.

This is mostly just a copy-cat of one of my favorite daily reads, so the person I'm copying probably won't be as entertained as the rest of you. (And neither will my mom since she reads this blog too.) Jen always has fabulous ideas for crafts, and baking, and kids stuff. (She's pretty much super-mom. If you don't believe me, check out her blog.) Here's one of her ideas that I really loved and am shamelessly stealing:It's our candle advent calendar. The boys each have one of those cheap chocolate ones (with the little doors) that they open first thing every morning. (…

And the Winner Is...

I hope you guys weren't counting on a democratic-type vote that would be based on the number of votes... Because my dad voted, and cancer-guy trumps all other votes. Sorry, but there have to be some perks to being sick, and getting your way should be one of them. Girl-looking-after-cancer-guy could have trumped the other votes too, but she can't make up her mind (totally typical) so we're going with Dad's pick:

1)Write down a letter to your unborn child – a blessing if you will. (we, your fans, are all just dying to know how you are preparing for the BIG test in December)

Here goes:

Dear little person who keeps kicking me to remind me that I'm pregnant and not just getting fat,

Right now you're just a tickle in my tummy and a dream in all of our hearts, and we can hardly wait till you're a soft little bundle to cuddle and ten little toes for us to kiss. Most of us are hoping that you will bring a little pink into our lives, but even if you bring even more blue …

Santa Clause Came to Town

Tonight was Yorkton's Santa Clause Parade. (The majesty! The splendor!)My favorite float was the PartyLite one. It consisted of a minivan with some shabby bows tied to the roof rack and the back hatch open with some boxes inside. (The pageantry!) Those people really went all out. Sadly, I don't have a picture of it. I must have been so overwhelmed by it's beauty that... You get the picture. (Except you don't.)

Sam really loves a parade though, so the real fun was watching him over-react to pretty much everything. It doesn't take much to get him all fired up. (Which is a good thing, considering where we live.) He was very upset when it was time to go, insisting that we needed to stay and finish watching the parade, which by that time consisted of all the vehicles driving home from the parade. I'm sure we'd still be sitting there watching the traffic if he'd had his way.

I'll try to get a video of him enjoying the parade up on his blog, if not tonight, …

I'm Stuck. Really, Really Stuck.

So... I have nothing to say. Luckily, I have a friend (who shall remain nameless unless she gives me permission to name her) who generally has lots to say, and sent me a helpful list of things to talk about just in case I found myself in this predicament. Here's her list:

"Just for kicks, here are some ideas for posting if you are ever really, really stuck:1)Write down a letter to your unborn child – a blessing if you will. (we, your fans, are all just dying to know how you are preparing for the BIG test in December)2)Do a search on the computer in regards to the conditions and miles Joseph and Mary traveled while in her final days before giving is really something, and I would love to hear your take on it3)Those crazy Smarties boxes that invited people to introduce or suggest a new color....who was the winner and what was the final outcome?4)What do you see your boys becoming based on what their little personalities show at the present time? What did you think you …

I Almost Forgot to Write a Title

Have you seen that new A&W add where this family is eating dinner at A&W and the poor Mom is desperately trying to keep her four young kids (all boys) in line while they're eating? And the dad is eating the new sirloin burger completely in his own world because the burger is so good? And the mom turns to him while he's eating and starts talking about how she'd really like to try for a girl again and what do you think would be a good name? And the dad says, "Sirloin" because he's still so into his burger he hasn't even heard what his wife is saying to him?

I don't think that add is very funny.


I've gotta tell you...This stuff is rocking my world. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah.

This Sucks

I have a cold. I feel like crap.

That is all.

Across the Miles

Since Mom didn't post this picture, and since I can't think of anything to post about today, here is a picture of Ben and Dad webcamming yesterday. Ben spent most of the time making Dad look at all of his cars, one at a time. (Ben has HUNDREDS of cars.) Dad is so desperate to hang out with his grandkids, I think the poor guy even enjoyed it. (Ben sure did.) They also spent some time eating Cheetos together. It was lucky we had some from Halloween, because everyone enjoyed doing "cheers" with the cheesies over the webcam. (I had to clean off my monitor afterwards though.) Sammy mostly spent the time repeating everything everyone said at his usual blaringly loud volume.

Mom also gave me a virtual tour of their apartment. I got to see the brick wall out the balcony window, which I had been longing to do. (I'm not being sarcastic.) Now we can totally picture them in their new place when we talk to them. I like that.

I think that's about as far as I can stretch a po…

Things Always Work Out for the Best

A few months ago, after and because of a lot of complaining from people visiting us, we bought a new phone. Actually, it came with two handsets, so we kind of bought two phones. This was excellent because it meant that we could leave one phone upstairs and one downstairs, thus eliminating the frantic run up or down the stairs. My phone was handset 1 and Glen's was handset 2. Mine had all of the phone numbers from our address book programmed into the speed dial. Good stuff.

On Friday I bought a new pair of boots. (I know it doesn't seem like it, but I promise this is related, just stick with me.)If you look at the picture you can see that the top boot, the left one, is a little wonky. The fur is not uniformly wide along the top. This bothered me, so on Saturday I sent Glen back to the store (if you feel sorry for him now, just wait) to get me a new left boot that doesn't look wonky. He came back with a perfect left boot and a wonky right boot.

Becky: Why did you get a whole n…


I admit it. I'm stupid when it comes to computers. I don't know why or how they work. I don't know very much about operating systems or processors or any of that jazz. So to methislooks like a good deal. A really good deal. And free shipping! That can't be right can it?

We've been shopping online for a wireless webcam. I want to be able to webcam from any room in the house so Mom and Dad can watch Ben help me cook, or laugh at Sammy dancing in front of the TV, or maybe even look out the window at them playing in the backyard. I'd also really like it if they could "come upstairs" with us to open presents in front of the Christmas tree. With the webcam we have now they can only watch the boys play near the computer in our basement. Better than nothing, but kind of lame after a while. So we've been shopping. This seems to be the best deal I can find. Anywhere.

But I could practically get a whole ding danged laptop for that price. Seriously. That can…

Crazy Boy

This is a video I took today of my nuttiest little nut. I fully realize that I've been posting about the boys A LOT the last little while. The thing is, I really don't have that much going on which is why I don't usually post every single day. The other thing is, Mom and Dad are far away and they need constant doses of Noah, Ben and Sam. I thought they'd like to see Sam's injury for themselves, and then I thought they'd enjoy a little of Sam being Sam. (Usually, if you call him a name like crazy boy he yells, "No, YOU'RE A CRAZY BOY!" That was what I was expecting to tape, and of course, that is not what he did.)

I Need to Know

A few months ago, after a visit from my mom and dad, I found this on my camera:
I've been wondering ever since what the hoink my mom was doing. I expect these sorts of things from Ang, with good reason.
(I SO wish I hadn't deleted the much less flattering ones that she took (mostly of her nose), that'd teach her. Those are Kirsten's fingers there in the background. I'm not positive, but I think I was in Mom and Dad's campsite cooking a bush pie at the time this photo was taken.)

Anyways, Mom, what the hoink were you doing? Judging by the background you were using my camera to take a picture of... The computer monitor? Was it a web page or a picture you found online? Seriously? What? ('Cause you know you can press "Print Screen" and the computer will take a screen shot of whatever you are looking at right? No need for a camera.) Or was it a self portrait deal? I need to know.

(By the way, Sam just came up to me and told me, "I'm a little crazy…

Soft Blanket, Hard Falls

If you know Sam at all you know that he has this blue blanket that he cannot and will not live without. (He's like Linus with that thing.) He sleeps with it, eats with it, takes it to church, and plays with it. He also really enjoys chasing Ben around our house making monster noises with it over his head. (I can't believe this is the best recent picture of him and his blanket that I could find, I'm sure there are better ones. What you have to realize is that I have literally tens of thousands of pictures and I'm very lazy. At least today. Or this month. Yeah, this month.)

Anyways, last night one of his favorite games (the one where he puts his blanket over his head) went horribly wrong. As anyone with children probably knows, when children run with blankets over their heads what eventually happens is they run into a wall or something else that injures them, or they step on the blanket and trip themselves. Sam did the one with the tripping. Of course, his hands were down…

This is Getting Dumb

I'm totally sucking at daily posting this year. I think I must have done much better last year. Maybe that's why I suck this year... I used up all my good ideas last time. Pfft.
Here's a picture of the boys wearing Mommy and Daddy's bathrobes. I'll bet you can't guess which one is mine. (I'll bet you can.)


Mom and Dad are safely and happily settled in Seattle. They got into their new apartment today and Dad has already called from the rooftop deck to brag about how warm it is and all the nice flowers. (He'd like to pretend it was to give me their new phone number, but Mama didn't raise no fool.) I'm expecting a lot of bragging from him on that front and I'm sure he won't disappoint me. They've both been busily blogging away so make sure you check in on their sites and leave them lots of comments so they don't feel lonely.

That's about all I have to say. It's sad really. I've resorted to posting news that isn't even mine. I have to steal news from other people. The only thing I have to say for myself is that I really wish my kids would STOP CLIMBING THAT CAT HOUSE! GET DOWN FROM THERE OR YOU WILL SIT ON YOUR BUMS! And that I'm jazzed to watch John & Kate Plus Eight tonight. (Sings: It's a beautiful life.) Plus Project Runway is toni…

Dredging the Bottom

I seriously have nothing to say tonight. I'm literally sitting here staring around our basement looking for inspiration. I've got nothing. Let's see where that leads us, shall we?

Ben has a lot of cars, and yet every single one of them is special to him. Last night he fell asleep clutching his newest acquisition, just purchased from the grocery store a few hours before. I tried to take it out of his hand once he was asleep so he wouldn't end up lying on it, but I couldn't. He wouldn't let go. That boy loves his cars.

How was that? Boring? Okay. How about this?

Sammy says "Oh my goodness!" when he's excited. Sometimes he says "Oh my gosh!" which I don't like as much since it sounds so close to something else, especially when he says it. But I actually think both sayings are funny especially since he uses them exactly in the right way and in the right circumstances. He's not the only one saying things that sound like others though. Th…

Guilt-Free Shopping

Yesterday we got our Samaritan's Purse gift catalogue in the mail. Every Christmas I read through it and pick two or three (or four) items to "buy" myself. I love it. (Although, it's a little like going to the SPCA... You walk up and down all the rows of homeless pets and end up just wanting to take all of them home.) It's so hard to pick from all of the amazing ways to help, so it's a good thing that I have Glen to keep me from blowing our budget. Samaritan's purse is our Christmas charity though, so at least I my budget isn't too small for my expensive tastes. We do the shoe boxestoo, those are actually my favorite, but the gift catalogue is right up there. I still haven't picked our Christmas "gift" yet, but I'm narrowing it down. Actually, since I'm having so much trouble I might just pick a few fun cheap ones and then give the rest of our budget to "Where Most Needed". (Much easier on my heartstrings.)

World Vision …

For Mom and Dad

I had another post in the works for today, but I think I'll post that tomorrow. Today I'm going to post some pictures of the boys for Mom and Dad. (Sorry to the rest of you who may not be as interested as they are.) I'm putting one up on here and a few more over on Ben and Sam's blogs. That way the rest of you don't have to look at all of their cuteness if you don't want to. (Although, I have to tell you, they're pretty cute pictures and you're missing out if you don't go have a look.)

Here are the boys enjoying one of their typical marathon baths together:
(Those ducks are suctioned to their chests, a new discovery of theirs that I'm guessing stemmed from last night's discovery that you could use the ducks to make farting noises on your stomach. Ahhhhh... Boys will be boys won't they?)

What I'm Telling Myself

When your dad is sick and he and your mom are going far away for a long time to try and make him better it's hard to stay behind. It's hard to know about all the stuff that they will be going through and to also know you won't be able to visit or bring meals over or do anything to make it easier on them. We can talk on the phone and webcam, and I'm sure that will make things easier, but it's not the same. It's hard to say goodbye when there aren't any guarantees that everything will go smoothly. It probably will, but only probably. I want certainly.

So I keep telling myself things. I keep thinking about this summer and the day I forgot Dad has cancer, and telling myself that we have lots and lots of days like that in front of us. I keep telling myself we'll all be okay and that by this time next year...

So this movie is about that. It's about believing. It's about hoping. It's about focusing on people and places and things that make me happy.…

It's Coming (UPDATED)

I don't know why I start these things so late. I tell myself I'll just slap it together and I'll be done in no time, but I should know better by now.

I'm almost done though.

UPDATE: I give up. This thing is not going up before I go to bed. It's done, but it's 1:30 AM and right now it says 506 minutes to save it. (And counting.) (Up.) Then I have to upload it. It's not going to happen. But this counts as a post anyways, so I have LOTS of time.

(906 minutes.) (What the hoink is going on?)

Another Confession: (And some more YouTube)

This commercial makes me laugh hysterically every time I see it.

The first time I watched it I nearly fell off our couch laughing. Glen was confused, he didn't get it. I don't think he got it even after I explained. (Although he kindly offered me a token smile and laugh.) He didn't go to as many high school dances as I did though. He didn't get to watch all the horrified teachers trying to rush over to the DJ booth to tell the guy to turn off the song. Oh man, just thinking of it still makes me laugh... Pepsi may be right, there probably is a better way to feel young, but I can't think of it right now. SO funny.


I like Patrick Stewart. Actually, I have a bit of a crush on him. He's my creepy crush that I don't think is that creepy at all, but many people have told me it's creepy so I have to consider the possibility that they are right and I am weird. But honestly, how could anyone not have a bit of a crush on this:

(Another confession: I like to pretend he's singing this to me when I watch it. I just substitute "Becky" for "Gene" when he first starts singing, and then I sit back and enjoy. You can do it with your name, I don't mind. I'm not the jealous type.)
My pister Ang likes David Hyde Pierce (Niles from Frasier). Now THAT is creepy. Mine's way less creepy. Hey? (It is.)
Becky told me her creepy crush the other night while we were watching Grey's together. I can't tell you what it is though, (just like I couldn't tell her Ang's at the time) because I am REALLY dumb when I'm pregnant. It's a wonder I can even scramble to…

Mommy's Prayer

God, from all the times I screw up each day, would you guard his little heart?Would you wrap him in Your arms when I'm not there for him?
Would you amplify and increase the words he needs to hear from me and help him forget the others? Would you fill him with love and security when I don't? Would you teach Him to trust you when I let him down? Would you raise him up above the example I set for him with my sinful nature?
And God, for the sake of us both, would you help me be a better mommy to him? Would you remind me of how vulnerable he is to me when I forget myself? Would you give me patience and humility when I feel my anger is justified? Would you fill my mouth with words of love and encouragement even when I'm filled with frustration? Would you shine Your love into my heart so I can reflect it back to him? Would you forgive me and help me forgive myself when I fail?
God, would you help us both today?


When I was a little girl...
Yesterday my little boys...
I'm not sure if it's because I'm pregnant, or overly sentimental, or because Dad's going away soon but these pictures make me cry. I love my dad.


I posted.


Today Ben was introduced to The Simpson's Hit and Run for the first time. (Don't worry, I turned the volume way down. We don't want him picking up any new lingo from this particular source.) Shortly after he drove off in his car he bumped into another car and said, "Oh. Sorry about dat." Oh... My sweet little Ben. Apologizing for fender benders. I never could have imagined a child like him in my wildest dreams. He is one of a kind and then some.

Sammy likes to watch him drive, but only if Ben gets a school bus. He cries whenever Ben drives something else. Ben is a good big brother though and tries to get school buses for him whenever he can.

"How 'bout school bus?"

"Okay, I have to go catch him. Here I go."

Ben's crashed a lot of buses tonight. But he's only been chased by the police once. He doesn't like it when his cars break and leaves a lot of them smoking by the side of the road. " I don't like it when there's st…

Obligatory Post

K. If it wasn't November I totally wouldn't post tonight. It's been a long day, I'm tired, Mom's on the computer upstairs, and I can't type on Ang's computer. Did I mention I'm at Mom and Dad's? I am. For the week. I'm expecting that this weeks posts are going to be brutally boring, mostly just me coming on here saying, "There. I posted."
(There. I posted.)

Don't Just Think About It!

Ever since this whole donor transplant thing with Dad started I've been thinking a lot about what would happen if there were no matches for him in our family. When all the tests came back and we ended up with three matches for the doctors to choose from I was so relieved. David's stem cells can literally save Dad's life. It's incredible to think about. (It makes me a little jealous sometimes Doft, I have to confess. I think all of us would like to be the one to send our stem cells into his body to fight his cancer. It's so cool.)

But there are sacrifices that will have to be made. Doft will have to leave his family for more than ten days. Carolyn, his pregnant wife, will have to single parent her boys. Ethan and Connor will be without a daddy all that time. They had to find a babysitter, Doft had to take time off work, it's a lot to ask of a person, but I know freely and happily given. Love like that is what makes our family so amazing.

A few weeks ago I got a p…

They weren't kidding when they said endless...

Have any of you noticed that, according to the many commercials that I have to turn off anyways, it's STILL endless shrimp at Red Lobster? I would ask, "Will it never end?" but I suppose the answer is in the the endless part.

On the upside, my nausea has definitely been decreasing. (This makes the endless shrimp commercials much less likely to induce gagging, followed by a sprint to the bathroom.) I am down to two diclectin a day now, which is excellent because diclectin makes me even drowsier than I would be just with just the pregnancy. I am not exaggerating when I say I could easily sleep somewhere between 15 and 20 hours a day most days. Not that I should even if I could. That much sleep just makes you more tired. I'm just saying I'm sleepy but getting less sleepy with less medication running through me. Hurrah!

This, of course, puts me in mind of my poor sister-in-law Melissa who has been working like crazy to get her family's new home livable. I remember…