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Sam Comes Unglued

Today Sam woke up from his nap all wet. His bottle had leaked all over him while he slept. Not a pleasant way to wake up I suppose, but I don't think it called for the 40 minutes of SCREAMING that he tortured me with after I stripped him down, wrapped him in a warm dry blanket, and settled him on my lap with Backyardigans on the TV and a new bottle. He wouldn't let me hold him, but if I put him down he screamed even harder, flapping his arms, and convulsing with rage. I tried switching to a chocolate bottle, a strawberry bottle, grapes, strawberries, a bath, cars, putting him back in his crib, crackers, chocolate, puzzles, books, play dough, rocking, candy, chips, rootbeer, singing, and even walking around bouncing him, which I never do. Glen does that.

Nothing worked. He just screamed at me harder when I tried anything. So I sat on the couch and looked at him. He ran at me and jumped around screaming even harder, stomping his feet, with his whole body tensing with fury with …

Is Anyone Out There?

It's been a while. I have to wonder if anyone is still checking this thing, or if you've all given up on me ever posting again and moved on to betterthings. Or, possibly, I already lost you all way before the two week break by only putting up links to old posts for weeks on end...

Anyways, I'm back. We went to Saskatoon for a week or so, then to Regina for two days. Here are some random things floating around my mind now that I am back at home with my computer ready to capture all the floaties and publish them for you all to read. (If you're still out there.)
Ben is almost four. To me that means he is almost a little boy. I can't stop thinking about it. I think I may have said this before, and it's pretty morbid, but in some ways it feels to me like he's dying. I will never get to hang out with 2-year-old Ben again. He's gone forever and I can't get him back. Sometimes I miss him. Don't get me wrong. I know I'll love 4-year-old Ben just as mu…

Remember September

This is my favorite post from September, and is particularly good for me to revisit today since the boys are driving me insane. Sam and I have both caught what Ben has, which is a very mild cold that I think will go away super speedy quick. As a result, there are twice as many boogers getting rubbed on shirt sleeves and my furniture, and even, yes this grossed me out, my hair. I put my boogers in tissues, but the boys have not quite got a handle on the whole "blowing/wiping noses on little pieces of very thin and soft paper" thing. I really don't enjoy watching them lick it off of their top lips either, so I've done a lot of chasing, catching, and pinning them to the floor to wipe their cute little noses today.

They are both incredibly hyper for children who are sick. Honestly, it's on days like this when mommies like me end up feeling like big mean failures. They are just getting on my last nerves and it doesn't help that Ben taught Sammy to ask the most irri…

In August

Ben's sick. Which is going to make visiting my dad during spring break pretty much impossible. Unless he gets better soon. Very soon. I'm honestly too upset to even talk about it. Actually, just in general, this week has been hard. Sam... Sam. I think he may have stolen some speed from my stash of street drugs. He just WILL. NOT. STOP. I really feel completely at the end of my rope with him. Actually, everything is feeling a bit overwhelming right now for me, and I found myself crying in bed with a pillow over my head for a while tonight.

So I was both happy and sad to discover this post from August of last year. It's my favorite for obvious reasons and it makes me sad for other obvious reasons.

In other news, I have to show off what I've been working on the past few days... I helped my blogging friend Christy snazify her blog and I am in love with the results. Take a look at it. Isn't it pretty? It honestly has been the highlight of my week.

July Was Full of Tears

Last year in the summer my Grampa went to the hospital for a week, and then he went to stay with Jesus forever. Tonight I was fooling around on the computer a little and thought I'd whip up a quick post, until I realized July was that month. It's funny that it worked out this way, because I've been thinking about Grampa (and Gramma) a lot this week without realizing my next post would have to be about him. There aren't very many posts in July, and almost all of them are about my Grampa. This one is my favorite. Read it again, because I can't find it in myself right now to talk about what Grampa means to me and how much I miss him.

Instead I'm going to go look at some pictures and listen to some songs and when I'm done I'll post the results here. (Ang, don't watch this if you are at work.)

I miss him. I miss his laugh. I miss his tears. I miss listening to him sing. I miss singing for him. I miss holding his hand. I miss hugging him. I miss him hugging…

Merry Christmas

Since I took our Christmas tree down just last week, I thought this week I should finish up one last Christmas project: The Gingerbread House. You should know that this was given to Ben and Sam as a gift AFTER Christmas, so I'm not as late as I could be, but I'm still pretty far behind. I figure as long as I get all the Christmas stuff done before Valentine's Day, and the Valentine's Day stuff done before Easter, etc., we're still running pretty much on time.

Poor Ben. He's been waiting a very long time to do this. I have this thing with wanting the house to be clean before I make a big mess though, so he's had to be patient. Last night before he went to sleep I told him we would do it during Sam's nap and he was so excited... So excited that by ten this morning he asked Sam, "Aren't you getting tired Sammy? See's rubbing hisself Mummy! Sammy? Do you need a bottle? I think he needs a bottle Mummy!" (Sam usually naps at around two in the…

The June-o's

And the award for my favorite post in June of 2007 goes to: It's Not Too Fair. Not to sound braggy, but this post really has it all. It's thoughtful, it's honest, it's pretty. Some of my posts are just posts, but every now and then I write one and when I'm finished I sit back and feel so satisfied and happy with how it came out.

A close runner up was this one, which actually isn't much of a post but it has a video that makes me laugh every time I watch it. Actually, I like it so much I'm going to re-post it here for everyone's (okay fine, maybe not yours, but mine and Ang's anyways) enjoyment.

I'm feeling a little lighter than I have been lately. January and February are usually hard months for me. I know it's not my fault, and I know it will feel better once spring gets here, but as many of you know who struggle with depression, it's not an easy place to be. (And my depression is only mild and temporary.) I hate feeling anxious all the t…

Because My Mom Wants to Know...

For someone who never took typing and only uses only one of the fingers on my left hand and two from my right hand to type, I'd say this is a pretty impressive score. (At least I'm impressed. And I bet my mom will be. Because she's my mom after all.)
51 wordsHow Fast Are You?