Checking In

The last few days I stayed at the Holidiseased Inn in scenic Sicktown. It actually wasn't as nice as it sounds. You would think I would enjoy all of the lying around and general laziness required and laid out in Sicktown's city bylaws, but actually it put a bit of a cramp in my leisure time. I could have been enjoying all of the freedom from housework and childcare responsibilities (Glen was on "vacation" and did most of the work this week) by writing tons of blog posts and playing Sims, watching TV and reading books, but generally when I sat down to do those things I ended up staring at the screen and then finally saying... "I think I'll just go lie down." This had something to do with the dizziness and watering eyes parts of this flu, and not any resolution on my part to rest and recuperate as much and as quickly as possible respectively.

Today, however, I managed to put in a good two hours of Sims (I was building and decorating a fab house for my friend Denita... It has a moat and a bowling alley) which, I think, is a sign that I am getting better, and not, as I am sure some of you are thinking, that I am lame and have too much time on my hands. The key, really, is to look at these things positively. (I'm going to use that line on Glen in a few minutes so he'll let me watch Dancing with the Stars uninterrupted instead of making me rescue him from the boys who want to wrestle in between brief coughing fits and wiping their boogers all over their sleeves, the couch, or Glen's shirt... Or all of the above.)


  1. I just love your new page. I find myself coming here just to look at it. LOL

  2. HAHA. Holidiseased Inn in Sicktown. Oh boy. Kyle checked in there last night. It involved pain and restless sleep interrupted by throwing up and diarrhea. I hope I don't end up checking in there. Hope you feel better soon. I should check on my husband.

  3. Feeling for you honey...take it easy, and I am right there with you...the hubby's have to take their share of the "gross" side of parenting too...if that is what you are getting at :) - No offense Glen, but from my view point here at our house...a lot more of that needs to happen, so I tend to be a bit of a women's libber in that area :)Love to all of you...


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