Poor Guys

Ben and Sam started puking within ten minutes of each other on Friday night. This led me to believe they were food poisoned by some Heinz Spongebob Squarepants pasta shapes in tomato sauce that they had eaten a little over an hour earlier. After throwing up till four in the morning, Ben seemed better the next day but Sam puked on and off till Monday with a little diarrhea thrown in just for fun. Then they both seemed to be fine yesterday until this morning.

This is how the boys are looking right now:
Ben's fever is only at 101 degrees Fahrenheit, but Sam's was at 103 just a little while ago. I threw him in the tub and gave him his second dose of Tylenol an hour earlier than I was supposed to. If that doesn't work I suppose I'll have to take him in to see a doctor. I say a doctor because ours is out of the office today, so we'll get whoever happens to be in the hospital emergency ward because we have no walk-in clinics in this ding-danged dumb city. Sigh.

I hate the emergency ward here in Yorkton... Well, I hate it anywhere, but it's worse in Yorkton. Don't ask me why, because you really don't want to get me started.

Oh well, maybe we'll get lucky and Sam's fever will come down with this second dose, or at the very least, maybe the doctor on call today will be a good one. Say a prayer for my sickies if you think of it.


  1. Aww! Those poor boys. Sammy looks horrible. I am feeling somewhat better this evening. I just have a cough. Dad is sleeping.

  2. Oh boy :(
    I hope they feel better than they look.
    That must not have been a very fun Easter for them...or you.
    I will day a prayer for them and that you don't get sick.

  3. oh man... they look bad. How are you coping? Sounds like Easter was a blast! heehee!

    ... just sent a prayer up for your family.
    love ya! Here's to a good night and great day tomorrow for all of you!

  4. Actually, I think they felt worse than they looked. Especially Ben, once his fever went up to 103 along with Sam's. I switched from Tylenol to Motrin though, and they are both feeling (and looking) much better.

    Thanks for the prayers.

  5. Awww Becky! Your house has had more than it's fair share of sickness this year! Praying for your little guys!! And your sanity!!

  6. I remember having a house full of sick kids. It really stinks. Your boys look so sick. I will say a prayer for them, too. As well as you.

  7. Josh, Austin and I just prayed for all four of you...may your boys be up and hopping around real soon, and may Mommy and Daddy be spared the germ that caused it...love you all....

  8. Those are two very sick little boys. Praying they feel better very soon and you and Glen will be fine.

  9. Oh, geez! I do remember the days...
    No fun! I hope they are better soon.

  10. that picture is oh my goodness SAD. i feel horrible for them!!!
    get better little buddies!


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