Happy Birthday Baby!

It seems like only yesterday that we got to meet our little bundle of mayhem and lunacy for the very first time. Our lives were so boring without him and we're so glad we get to keep him for a really long time. Who knew crazy could be so much fun?

Happy Birthday Sammy!
Ben and Mommy and Daddy

(A proper birthday post will be along soon. Mommy has something in the works.)


  1. Did he like h is trike? I hope he got to go outside and try it before the SNOW came. Sigh! Maybe you don't have the SNOW yet.We got it.

  2. Ha ha ha! We didn't get any snow, nor will we. Yorkton has a bit of rain in the forecast for Sunday morning and Monday and that's it baby.

    (We haven't given him his bike yet. Probably this afternoon. It's supposed to go up to 18 degrees so he should be fine to try it out.)

  3. That is a rare thing. You usually get way more snow than us. Mike had to go out and shovel. It is warm so the streets are melting. Hopefully that is all we get. At least it is not as bad as they were predicting. When are you going to post Sammy's pictures?

  4. Happy birthday little guy. Enjoy the new trike

  5. Happy Birthday Sam! Hope you have an awesome day!


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