He doesn't eat the red ones last...

I looked up from reading on the couch the other day and happened to glance to where Ben had poured his Smarties out for more convenient eating, or so I thought. Red is his favorite color and I laughed when I noticed there wasn't even one left and still plenty of the less desirable colors. He says the red ones taste "the best in the whole Earth." He makes me smile. I hope he always eats the red ones first.


  1. I eat the blue ones last. Brown ones first. I hate the brown ones. Smarties should all be fun colors, like turquoise, fuschia (why does it say that that is spelled wrong? I'm pretty sure that it's right), and periwinkle, not brown. The chocolate inside is already brown, I need contrast, people!

    I love this post SO much. I also really like how he described how the red Smarties taste.

  2. I am not used to his haircut yet. That picture is hilarious! What an expression!

  3. I can't believe you let your children eat candy!!!!!!!

    (This coming from the mother who let her child wonder off with a present of mini-eggs that someone gave him, only to discover 15 minutes later that hey ate the whole tube of mini eggs at a whopping 600 calories of chocolate and candy shell!!!)


  4. I love this picture of him.


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