It's Finally Happened

We went for a walk in some more puddles today. The boys would do that forever, but sadly Sammy still trips fairly often, and when you trip in an icy puddle it puts an end to puddle walking pretty quickly. Poor little soggy guy. After I stripped off his tiger pants and his dripping socks, wrapped him in a blanket, pulled him home in the wagon, and got him some new clothes, he was good to go again. (I'm so glad I'm smart enough to bring the wagon in case of emergencies just like that one.) Unfortunately, by that time my dumb cough was back and I was not good to go.

today, for the first time this Spring, I could put the boys in the backyard, take off my boots, and sit at the kitchen table with some tea to read a book while they played outside. The yard is still full of snow, it's actually waist high in the shady spots close to the house, but the deck has some dry spots, and it was so warm outside that I could finally leave the boys in the yard alone for a while. It was fab.
I'm so glad Spring is almost here. SO GLAD.


  1. I remember those days. Aaaaaahhh...

  2. Sam and his tiger pants. What are you going to do when he grows out of them?

  3. It's always a blessing when spring comes and the kids can get outside to play...without a jacket!

  4. hey there...
    I just wanted to apologize for misreading you. I'm really bad at "debates" ESPECIALLY when I'm typing!!! I read your comment in response to mine and I just wanted to say that I think I understand more where you're coming from. And honestly, I do think that some of the points you and carol have really make sense. My son struggles with going to church too....but we just feel we need to keep that consistency in his life. We have a great church! A real family! We searched for 6 years!!!! It's really hard to find one!
    I just wanted to bless you and say that I pray that the spirit of the living God continues to lead you and your family.


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