Time Stands Still

Well people, it's happened. I've found an activity that actually manages to eat up time faster than blogging, facebook, and yes, even SIMS. I blame this new and fabulous blog that Jen turned me on to.

How do I explain to you the joy this website has brought to me? The worlds that seem to be opening before me? The endless possibilities and untapped potential that I now see in my folders and folders of pictures? I can't. I can't explain what this site has done to me, so I'll show you...

Here's a picture I took at my friend Heather's wedding a few weeks ago:It's a nice enough shot for something I just quickly snapped in the receiving line. Heather always manages to look like a magazine photo in every picture ever taken of her. (It's a little annoying sometimes actually, especially if I, the most un-photogenic person I know, happen to be standing beside her.) Ordinarily, all I would do to this photo is crop it and print it, but inspired by my new obsession I did this:
Then I did this: (Same picture.)
Anyone who knows me knows that I love photoshop with a burning passion rivaled only by my passion for chips and reality TV, but this... Oh man. There are no words.

I'll tell you one thing though. I was supposed to be packing to go to Saskatoon tonight. Glen came home from work at 5:30 and I opened up Heather's picture in photoshop to crop it and email it to a friend quickly before I had supper. The next time I looked up it was 8:30. I'm beyond just being in love. I'm ga ga. I'm totally twitter-pated and changing everything about myself just hoping I'll be liked back.


  1. Please note: Compared to the people who really know what they are doing, I suck at this... And still the results are fab! You should really look and see what they can do. Go on... You know you want to.

  2. WOW!! Did you tilt her head? That's seriously amazing.
    Now get packing, girl!

  3. Very nice Becky. What program is this?
    See you at the wedding!

  4. Wow! You have to have photo shop right?

  5. Well done, you did a great job with that picture! Thx for visiting me too!

  6. It is very cool. I also have photo shop but just don't know how to use it as well as I would like. But maybe I should learn.

  7. Cool huh! Totally warned you that it was a HUGE time eater. So...worth it though!


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