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Success! (And I digress.)

The last time I tried to donate blood, my dumb veins were to skinny and they could hardly get anything out of them. I went with Dad, who has donated I don't know how many times, but enough times that he was chummy with all the nurses. That's typical Dad.

He can't donate anymore, of course. Now he's the guy getting the blood. So, since he can't go I figured I should see if I could pick up the slack.

Happily, my veins were big enough in my other arm and things went much better. And other than getting a little woozy, and using up two hours of my evening, I'm none the worse for wear. Hurrah!

Right now, I'm downloading Sk8er Boi for Ben. (Yes, he is an odd child.) Whenever we go to Stupidstore Ben and Sam have to push the buttons on one of those CD things that they usually have relaxation CD's on. Ben presses the button for Sk8er Boi over and over and Sammy presses the button for some piano instrumental CD playing Moonlight Sonata. Oddballs. Anyways, after it t…

December's Favorite Posts. (It is finished.)

Mom tagged me on her blog again. Which reminded me that I'm still not done the last tag she sent my way. So, finally, I give you my favorite post from December of 2007:

Okay, actually, I'm going to have to give you a couple. I thought December would be an easy month till I realized that in December I traditionally count down to Christmas with 12 of my favorite things, which means I have to pick my favorite of my favorites. Which is much to difficult for a Sunday afternoon, plus I need to go to a Mary Kay party in 15 minutes, so I have to hurry.

Here's my favorite funny post from December.

And here's my favorite happy post from December.

And here's my favorite video post from December. (I watched it again just now. I cried. I love my family so much. I can't wait to see them in a few weeks.)

And here's my favorite "make you cry" post from December.

So there you go. After five long months I finally finished my mom's tag. Phew. She tagged me again. That…

How Do You Hold a Moonbeam In Your Hand?

What do you do with a child that happily helps you clean house, and when you thank him he says, "It's my pleasure Mommy!" You throw him a party. That's what you do.

And what do you do with a child who pouts when you bring out only the cutest birthday cake you could possibly imagine, that you made with your own two hands from scratch?You giggle like a maniac, that's what. 'Cause it's all part of who he is, and who he is is a weird amazing little nut job who you couldn't possibly love anymore than you already do. After all, there are some problems that just don't need solving.

More of Ben's Birthday here.

My Baby's Turning Four

Four years ago, at this very moment, my body finally decided enough was enough and started the long process of trying to evict its resident of over 41 weeks, Benjamin Abram Willems.It seems like yesterday to me...

I was sitting on the couch after a few last ditch attempts to bring on labor (never mind), watching Colonial House, and braiding my hair. After a particularly violent kick from aforementioned resident, I said to Glen, "This baby is now kicking me so hard I can hear it!" Twenty minutes or so I suddenly remembered a passage I had read in The Girlfriend's Guide To Pregnancy (I lost my copy, by the way, did I lend it to any of you?) just that afternoon, which explained that some women actually hear a popping sound when their water breaks. It couldn't be... Could it? Could this baby finally be coming on the night before I was booked to be induced? Could I actually be in labor?

It seemed so strange. For so long it had felt like I was going to be pregnant for ever a…

Ben made a new friend today.

Meet Rocky:I have to point out:
He came up with the name all on his own.That rock has not been altered in any way. He found it at the park today, brought it to me, and introduced him as "my new friend Rocky". I didn't even notice his face till Ben pointed it out to me.
I think Rocky looks a lot like Ben in this photo.
Here's Rocky going for a "swim" with some of the "flowers" the boys picked for me today:Rocky swims a lot like my sister Ang.

Time Goes By

Half a year ago, when I bought our Phantom of the Opera tickets, I thought it would take forever for it to get here. But it went by pretty quickly... Not as quickly as the show seemed to, but still, pretty quickly. Here we are ready and waiting for the show to start:
We had great seats and an absolutely fab time. I went with Glen, my mom and dad, my sister, and my best friend from elementary school, Sheila. (Mom and Dad aren't in the picture because we bought them seats in the row ahead of us, so they could feel like they were on a date. Glen isn't in the picture, because he got stuck taking it for us.)

While we were waiting in the line up for the bathroom during intermission, which actually went fairly quickly too, not because the line was short, but because we were talking... Where was I? Oh yeah, while we were waiting in line, we talked about how time seems to move at such different speeds depending on how old you are, and what you are doing. For instance, when I was a litt…

On a Happier Note

I'd like to announce the engagement of Benjamin to his good friend Sophie. It was all very sudden, but of course, we're thrilled. Here's how it all went down:Sophie: So... Do you think you'd like to marry me Ben?
Ben: Ummmm... Yeah. I think so.

And there you have it. LOL.

Sadly, I missed most of the conversation leading up to this big moment in Ben's life. He and Sophie were swinging, snacking, and chatting about things like what they want to be when they grow up (Sophie: Cowgirl, Ben: Princess) and I was reading a book and only partly tuned in when suddenly, the question was casually popped and even more casually answered.

Ah, springtime... Love is definitely in the air.

How Nice

The last two times I tried to schedule a birthday party for Sam I had to cancel. Both times the boys had fevers or flu symptoms a day or so before, so for the safety of the kids that were coming, I called all my friends and told them we'd try again once the boys were feeling better. That's just the kind of girl I am. It's sad that Sammy never got a party here in Yorkton, but sometimes you have to grow up and be an adult.

Today my boys were both exposed to Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, because another parent decided their child's birthday party at the mall playland where I work was more important the the health and well-being of other children. Instead of bothering with rescheduling, they brought their sick (feverish and rashy) kids to playland, and then didn't even bother calling after they found out from their doctor this morning what the fever and rash were caused by.

So I took my kids with me to work, as I usually do, this afternoon. An hour after we'd been …

Dumb and Dumber