Ben made a new friend today.

Meet Rocky:I have to point out:
  1. He came up with the name all on his own.
  2. That rock has not been altered in any way. He found it at the park today, brought it to me, and introduced him as "my new friend Rocky". I didn't even notice his face till Ben pointed it out to me.
  3. I think Rocky looks a lot like Ben in this photo.

Here's Rocky going for a "swim" with
some of the "flowers" the boys picked for me today:Rocky swims a lot like my sister Ang.


  1. Too cute! And what beautiful flowers. Yes, Dandilion picking season has begun here too.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. You have the cutest weirdest little kid. I love him.

  3. can you ask ben if rocky is single? we seem to have a lot in common.

  4. I miss the days when a rock could be a kids best friend. Mine are all grown up, now. (the kids, not rocks) I used to pay my kids to pick dandelions. I gave them each a penny per dandelion. Little did they know it was just a ploy to keep them busy.

  5. hahahaha...reminds me of me as a kid! we found a "sea snake" ( long piece of sea grass or something like that) on a trip to Van Island. i made my parents keep it in water in our trailer for the rest of our vacation. it smelt SO bad by the time we got home that i begged them to throw it out. a rock would have made a much better companion! :)


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