December's Favorite Posts. (It is finished.)

Mom tagged me on her blog again. Which reminded me that I'm still not done the last tag she sent my way. So, finally, I give you my favorite post from December of 2007:

Okay, actually, I'm going to have to give you a couple. I thought December would be an easy month till I realized that in December I traditionally count down to Christmas with 12 of my favorite things, which means I have to pick my favorite of my favorites. Which is much to difficult for a Sunday afternoon, plus I need to go to a Mary Kay party in 15 minutes, so I have to hurry.

Here's my favorite funny post from December.

And here's my favorite happy post from December.

And here's my favorite video post from December. (I watched it again just now. I cried. I love my family so much. I can't wait to see them in a few weeks.)

And here's my favorite "make you cry" post from December.

So there you go. After five long months I finally finished my mom's tag. Phew. She tagged me again. That woman doesn't give up does she? Hope springs eternal in the mother's breast.


  1. All those posts were great. Made me laugh and cry all over again. One thing I am wondering about. How in the world did I ever miss that picture of the gimongous wreath? Ho...that is hilarious. I think that I should get one.


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