How Nice

The last two times I tried to schedule a birthday party for Sam I had to cancel. Both times the boys had fevers or flu symptoms a day or so before, so for the safety of the kids that were coming, I called all my friends and told them we'd try again once the boys were feeling better. That's just the kind of girl I am. It's sad that Sammy never got a party here in Yorkton, but sometimes you have to grow up and be an adult.

Today my boys were both exposed to Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease, because another parent decided their child's birthday party at the mall playland where I work was more important the the health and well-being of other children. Instead of bothering with rescheduling, they brought their sick (feverish and rashy) kids to playland, and then didn't even bother calling after they found out from their doctor this morning what the fever and rash were caused by.

So I took my kids with me to work, as I usually do, this afternoon. An hour after we'd been there I got a phone call from one of the other moms who had been at the party yesterday afternoon. A considerate person who thought it might be a good idea to warn us. Too late.

Now I can't see anyone in my family for probably for around a month. Ben's birthday party that I have been planning for months, booking a venue, sending out invitations, and buying things for is canceled until further notice. We have no place to stay in Saskatoon this weekend because we can't stay with my family, or any of my friends with kids, and Glen's family has company coming in for a big event. (I have Phantom of the Opera tickets for Sunday so we still need to make the trip into Saskatoon.) And somehow I need to break the news to my sweet little almost 4-year-old that there will be no party this weekend, no Gramma and Grampa, no Noah, no playing with a new semi-truck, no nothing.

Isn't it nice though, that the other party got to go ahead?


  1. Hi Becky,
    ()*&$)(*#%&#*(&$(*&^#^&#$^%@$%E^%@*(&%()*&%.... just wanted to let that out on your behalf.
    Please pardon my language.
    Josh just turned four on Thursday, my heart goes out to you, cuz yeah, you are a GREAT Mommy, and sweetie, I sure hope you can enjoy that show this sunday - no matter what. Give your boys a kiss and hug for me and my boys.

  2. We will plan a humongous bash for later. Maybe the party will go on for two days? I feel bad for him. He was looking forward to coming for his party and the truck. Hopefully they have not contracted the virus and you won't have to wait very long.

  3. If it makes you feel any better (and it probably won't) Noah is sick with the stomach flu, so we wouldn't have been able to come to the party and see you guys anyways.

  4. I knew that I could not see Noah and now I can't see Ben or Sam. I was planning this big unvieling of the truck I bought for the boys and now I have to postpone that. Signed: a surly grandpa

  5. I read your blog every now and then - linked from Dixie's. Hand Foot and Mouth disease is not a severe infection. Your kids were exposed but may not even get it. The info I read suggested that you continue to allow your kids to attend school or day care unless they do not feel well enough to do so.

    So, I certainly would not cancel a big trip unless the kids are actually quite sick.

    For what its worth.

  6. Hi Linea...

    Thanks for the advice, I would take it, but the problem is in exposing my dad who has cancer and a compromised immune system. Ordinary viruses and bacteria that only cause mild symptoms in healthy people can be very dangerous for him.

    So... No trip. Well, actually we're doing the trip. Just no party and no Gramma and Grampa or anyone who has contact with Grampa.

  7. Oh, that it just so crappy. All of it! Sending you healthy vibes and I hope you'll get to spend some time with your family real soon.


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