Success! (And I digress.)

The last time I tried to donate blood, my dumb veins were to skinny and they could hardly get anything out of them. I went with Dad, who has donated I don't know how many times, but enough times that he was chummy with all the nurses. That's typical Dad.

He can't donate anymore, of course. Now he's the guy getting the blood. So, since he can't go I figured I should see if I could pick up the slack.

Happily, my veins were big enough in my other arm and things went much better. And other than getting a little woozy, and using up two hours of my evening, I'm none the worse for wear. Hurrah!

Right now, I'm downloading Sk8er Boi for Ben. (Yes, he is an odd child.) Whenever we go to Stupidstore Ben and Sam have to push the buttons on one of those CD things that they usually have relaxation CD's on. Ben presses the button for Sk8er Boi over and over and Sammy presses the button for some piano instrumental CD playing Moonlight Sonata. Oddballs. Anyways, after it turns into a bit of a farce, switching back and forth between the two songs faster and faster, with each of them either gently swaying or bouncing all over the place when their song is playing, Ben always ends up singing the chorus all through Stupidstore and frequently throughout our house for the rest of the day.

Here are Ben's lyrics:

"Delicious skater boy.
Da da dish later boy.
She wasn't good eluff for her.
Now he's a superstar.
Delicious his guitar...
Wait. How did it go?
I don't know that song. Let's listen to it again. Wait. How come the skater girl is going to jail? Is she going to jail? How come the skater girl likes to break cars? How come? The police are angry at her."

Yup. Let that be a lesson to you. Don't smash your guitar into the windshield of a car. It's just never a good idea. Music videos... Endless scope for teaching life lessons.


  1. I think that you should get that Sammy a keyboard. Maybe he will be the next Beethoven. The nice calm classical music maybe calms the wild man inside him. Now...Ben being a reasonably calm boy gravitates toward the wild. Maybe an electric guitar or better yet drums! LOL I love his lyrics...they are better than the original.

  2. Sam has good taste...i love Moonlight sonata. Both your boys are so cute and funny...sure wish that I could see them more!

  3. It's strange what kids pick up and they have no idea what they are singing. Just wait till they sing it in church! YIKES!

    Shawn did that.


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