Time Goes By

Half a year ago, when I bought our Phantom of the Opera tickets, I thought it would take forever for it to get here. But it went by pretty quickly... Not as quickly as the show seemed to, but still, pretty quickly. Here we are ready and waiting for the show to start:
We had great seats and an absolutely fab time. I went with Glen, my mom and dad, my sister, and my best friend from elementary school, Sheila. (Mom and Dad aren't in the picture because we bought them seats in the row ahead of us, so they could feel like they were on a date. Glen isn't in the picture, because he got stuck taking it for us.)

While we were waiting in the line up for the bathroom during intermission, which actually went fairly quickly too, not because the line was short, but because we were talking... Where was I? Oh yeah, while we were waiting in line, we talked about how time seems to move at such different speeds depending on how old you are, and what you are doing. For instance, when I was a little girl, every year seemed to last an eternity. Summer vacations lasted longer, and each year of school dragged on and on and on and on and on. Now, it seems like I blink, and half a year has gone by.

Three hours of Phantom, of course, only seemed to last about an hour. Then after the show time slowed right down again while we were waiting in the parking lot trying to get out of our spot. After I finally forced my way in front of a pushy teenage girl who didn't know how to take turns, it sped up like crazy again. This is because Ang and I had a lovely time tormenting her by letting all kinds of people go in front of us to "teach her a lesson". Heh heh. Being polite for spite is even better than just plain being polite. Good times. No, great times.

Anyways. Today time has gone back to normal speed and it will stay that way for a while I suppose, because I have nothing very interesting planned for the next while. (Unless you count photoshopping, because time goes into "tormenting teenagers in parking lots" speed when I'm on photoshop.) Actually, it'll probably go by really slowly tomorrow, since I'm subbing.

And now here we are at the end of this post. Did it go by fast? Or slow? Or medium? Writing it went by medium for me. Right about now, while all of you are coming to the realization that this post is going nowhere either fast or slow, I bet there are a lot of you wishing you could make time go backwards so you could get back the two or three minutes you wasted reading this. But you can't. Because fast or slow or medium speed... Time goes by.


  1. Tick Tock! Phantom went way to fast. Sigh...This week will go by too fast. I am working Tue. and Thur. in stores. Somehow the time goes by fast there and drags at the grocery store.

  2. hahaha You are one clever girl. I like this post. hahaha

    Now I must stop wasting time, and get back to using my time wisely.

  3. you girls looked lovely...fast or slow...

    glad you had a good time!

    I took my girls last year...seems like yesterday..

    love & laughter,

  4. I'm so glad you had a good time Becky! You look great in the picture...so good to see you smile! I will be in Saskabush from May 15 - 20, just so you know. :) Love you Becky! How are the boys? Are they sick, like with that foot, hand and mouth stuff?

  5. You are so right! Love your descriptions. Glad to hear you all enjoyed Phantom.


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