Birdwatch: The Saga Continues

My pastor has informed me that the bird Ben and I rescued yesterday is a Purple Martin. (Ah, pastors... So many uses. If you don't have one around, I highly recommend them... Especially mine.)

Anyways. As I mentioned in the previous post, I decided that the sour cream container I had our bird friend in was too small. First of all, I was worried he'd fall out. Secondly, I thought that his mommy might like to be able to climb in there with him if he had a bigger nest.
It turns out I'm just as brilliant as I've always suspected, because this afternoon while sitting on the deck with the above mentioned pastor and his wife, the mommy bird came along and climbed right into the nest with baby bird.

And don't you think the new basket nest looks much prettier than the sour cream container? I do.


  1. Hope you weren't to attached to that nest. By the time the occupant vacates it, there may be a little to much poo on the sides of the nest. That is a pretty fancy looking nest though?

  2. You have done a good thing by rescuing a Purple Martin. They eat millions of mosquitoes. You should put up a Purple Martin House then they would nest in there and stay around and kill all your mosquitoes.

  3. I still think that basket ducktaped to the tree is one of the funniest things I have seen in a long long time.

  4. That bird basket is pure genious.

    Thanks for the call last night. Ohh - & Truan slept until 5:20 this morning... things are looking up!

  5. Becky..

    you're amazing...

    yes..yes you are...



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