Happy Father's Day Dad!

Here's a shocker: We miss you already. Ben's asked for the last two days every time we get in the van if we can go see you. Today in church I had to explain to him again that you live too far away for us to visit every day. It's a good thing summer vacation is coming soon. I want to be sitting in this picture with you guys in the worst way right now. Two more weeks. Two more weeks. Two more weeks. I can make it. I can.

(The question is: Can Ben?)


  1. Blogging is a lot harder to find time for with a full time job... Who'd've thunk it?

  2. Me! It is hard to even get the day to day stuff done.

  3. I don't think you were home yet and the house was to quiet. I am almost certain that there are teaching jobs closer to Saskatoon than Yorkton. Something about an hour away. Camping is coming and I can hardly wait as well. I wonder what kind of trouble Sam could get into at a campsite.


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