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And Then I'll Hug His Neck...

I finally feel like life is slowing down to normal speed. I can't believe it's already the end of July. I suddenly realized the month is almost over a few days ago when it clicked in that Mom and Dad are coming for the August long weekend and that is next weekend!

And then I realized that last year in this month I lost my Grampa. And I missed the one year anniversary. And I miss him. It seems like I'm missing a lot of things lately.

I wish he could come for the long weekend. We always talked about bringing him out here for the thresherman's show at the museum here in Yorkton, and now he can't come. I wish he could come.

As usual, when I start missing someone I look back at posts and pictures of them. Here's a video I posted on here last year that sums up what I'm missing pretty perfectly...

Gone Fishing

Actually, I hate fishing, but I like taking pictures of people when they come back from fishing. I'll even go along if everyone promises there will be absolutely no fish clubbing while I'm in the boat. Usually no one wants to take me though, because I'm only along for the boat ride and to sit eating spits and reading... Taking up space that could be used by someone who actually wants to fish.

I like eating fish though. Yum.

We're back from the lake. We spent ten days camping in our new/old tent trailer. (I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of our campsite. Sick. Next time.) This weekend we're heading off to Regina to visit Angerama and her family and to drop off the girls at a family wedding. Sigh. They are going to spend some time visiting and then it's onto a plane and back to Mexico City. I thought a month would be plenty of time to get my fill of Kirsten and Eliisha, but it didn't even come close. It's a good thing it's only a year ti…

On Vacation

Yes, things have been pretty scarce around here. I would apologize, but I'm almost too busy to even do that. The girls are here and already much loved by both of the boys. Ben especially can't get enough of playing with them, and would stay glued to their sides pretty much all day and night if we let him. Tomorrow we're taking Kirsten to work at bible camp and then the rest of us are going to spend the week breaking in our new tent trailer at the lake. My mom and dad and brother and sister-in-law and nephew are all going to be there, so I'm moderately jazzed. (My pister Ang is coming for the weekend too.) Too bad I'm not packed, or I'd really be excited.

Anyways... Must go finish packing. I'll be back soon. I'll miss you while I'm gone.