And Then I'll Hug His Neck...

I finally feel like life is slowing down to normal speed. I can't believe it's already the end of July. I suddenly realized the month is almost over a few days ago when it clicked in that Mom and Dad are coming for the August long weekend and that is next weekend!

And then I realized that last year in this month I lost my Grampa. And I missed the one year anniversary. And I miss him. It seems like I'm missing a lot of things lately.

I wish he could come for the long weekend. We always talked about bringing him out here for the thresherman's show at the museum here in Yorkton, and now he can't come. I wish he could come.

As usual, when I start missing someone I look back at posts and pictures of them. Here's a video I posted on here last year that sums up what I'm missing pretty perfectly...


  1. Yep, that sums it up pretty good Beck!

  2. I wish you all could have been with us at the river in Cathedral Grove for his memorial.
    Thanks for posting this. It makes me smile and cry at the same time.

  3. Thanks for posting that again Becky. I am just on my way to the cemetery this morning and decided to check your blog first. I wish too that he could come back for a long weekend. I would like to hug his neck. And sit and have a chat about what his last year has been like.

  4. Yes Sue, so do I! I remember at the funeral home last year when John Martens said to us, 'I wonder what your dad has all seen already?' I think about that a lot and it seems like forever since I got to see his face and hug his neck.

  5. He would have loved the thresher man show. He would have had lots of stories to tell about all that old machinery.


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