Don't Phone Me

I'm not interesting right now. In fact, I'm the complete opposite of interesting. Actually, the only word I can think of isn't an opposite, but I'm feeling so gross I'm not even sure if I care whether my word is an antonym or not. This has to be a sure sign that things are going down hill: A lack of interest in parts of speech and grammar.

I'm repulsive. Or at least I feel repulsive. Or repulsed. Which in the end is closer to being an antonym of interesting than I thought. Or at least interested. Where was I? Repulsed.

I'm repulsed by everything. And if you phone me I'll tell you about all the things that are repulsing me right now. Or I might just tell you I can't talk because talking makes me want to vomit. And then, after I hang up the phone even though I'm bored and want to talk, I'll lecture myself about how I shouldn't feel sorry for myself because somewhere in the world there is a pregnant widow with 6 children who has to get up every day and plow a field and struggle to feed her starving children while taking breaks to retch pitifully in a ditch because she's got morning sickness on top of all her troubles. Which makes me feel better and worse about my current state all at the same time.

That was depressing. See what I mean about repulsive being the opposite of interesting? That's as good as it gets here right now. Just ask poor Glen. Phone him. Ask him. But don't phone me. For your sake.

(This sucks.)


  1. can only get better...right?

  2. Sorry you are feeling so repulsed..and pukey! That sucks!

  3. No Mom. It could get worse. That was the point of the whole pregnant widow working in the fields story.

    But it will get better. Today I actually made supper. And it wasn't cereal.

  4. So, this is making me want to check "get pregnant" off of my "Things I Want To Do In My Life" list. Lucky you... I don't have your phone number.


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