It's all over but the crying... And the puking.

The daycare search did not, needless to say, go well. The story I mentioned below was the grand finale of two days of phone calls and visits, with things going from blah to just plain rotten. I came home after the talk with the girl that thought I was crazy (who happened to be my last hope) and cried a little, wrote my blog post, called the school to give them my answer, and packed up to go to the lake.

We had a great time, aside from my constant companion: Nausea. Ahhhh... The pleasures of pregnancy. It's so fun to choke down my favorite foods like I'm on an episode of Survivor trying to eat Balut faster than the guy across the table from me.

Speaking of Balut... If you don't mind a little swearing, okay, a lot of swearing, here's a website I stumbled across this afternoon while I was trying to figure out what those duck fetus things were that people always eat on shows like Fear Factor. It made me laugh. And gag.


  1. I can't figure out how you read that stuff without puking???

  2. I am sorry about the daycare issues. You must be disappointed.

  3. SO what is your decision about the job? I know I'm slow here but, if you weren't able to find good child care, does that mean no on the teaching job? (I need things spelled out...) :)

  4. A little tidbit of info: Kyle's mom's side of the family is from Norway, so guess what? Oh yes, I have seen the lutefisk with my own eyes. I refused to put it in my mouth; Kyle has tried it a couple of times, but doesn't like it one bit. GROSS.


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