You Guessed It!

ATTENTION MEN: For those of you who are uninterested, and quite possibly uncomfortable with a post centered around ovulation, I've posted a video at the bottom. Just scroll through all the stuff about making babies. The rest of you can read on.

More than a few of you have asked for details about the Willems-on-the-way. So here they are... Or at least, here are the G-rated details.

Because I am a copy-cat by nature, I put a little ticker over in my sidebar so we can all keep track of how FAR I have to go. I stole that idea from my sister-in-law
Melissa, who is also expecting. Actually, pretty much every one I know seems to be expecting. My Aunty Carolyn is expecting again too. Which is wild because we were pregnant together with Ben and her first son Ethan, and Sam and and her son Connor are only a few weeks apart. Like I said, I'm a copy-cat, and I couldn't stand for her to be pregnant again without me.

Actually, this baby has been in the planning stage since the new year. I've been charting away for months, trying to pin down the exact day in my cycle that I ovulate. (I'll spare you, and especially Dad just in case he's still reading, all the gory details of just what I've been keeping track of, but you women out there know what I'm talking about.) All this to try and stack the odds in favor of a girl.

Last month I finally decided I had enough information to proceed, and figured because I was aiming for a girl it might take longer than usual to get pregnant. (This is because, for a girl, it's a good idea to stop all efforts about four days before ovulation, which cuts your chances of being pregnant down significantly. This has to do with the lifespan of boy sperm and girl sperm, and you can read all about that in the link above.) Either I badly miscalculated, or things worked out just right, because I got pregnant the first try. (I just noticed that this whole paragraph only mentions "I". Ha ha. Glen was there too. In case you were wondering.)

I knew within a few days of conception that I was pregnant. I'll spare you, and especially Dad, all the gory details and symptoms, but I had a pretty good idea a few weeks before I could take a test to confirm that sometime in April we will either greet our first daughter, or yet another boy determined to keep me from buying pink sleepers and Barbies.

So there you have it. And now, without further ado, I give you: "Daredevil attempts to jump a rocket-assisted Lincoln over the St. Lawrence river."

You have to read some of the comments people have posted about this, I think they may actually be as funny as the video. Here are some of mine and Glen's faves:

"'Powers was lucky, he had broken his back' without the context, that's hilarious."

Yes, it surely is.

"my mom said son you're gonna drive me to drinkin' if you don't stop drivin' that hot rod lincoln! haha"

And last but not least...

"I think he watched one too many cartoons to think attaching a rocket and a couple teeny wings would make that tank of a car gracefully fly a mile through the air. What a tard."

LOL. Indeed.


  1. Hahahaha...haha..ha..hahahaha! Why ha e I not seen this before. It had to be on the news or something. The funniest thing are the tiny tiny wings. Ho! That killed me.

  2. That video still had me giggling a full half hour after I'd seen it (especially the viewer's comments). I love how so many cameras were able to catch one man's blissful stupidity coming to fruition from so many different angles.

    PS: Thanks, Becky, for the 'Guest Star Appearing' credit in the Baby Making section!

  3. First I want to say,"Congratulations! I hope your baby girl making works out for you."
    The video.... like Glenn I think it's hilarious how so many people watched this idiot making a fool of himself. The wings...I can't believe he put so much time and money into a project and no one told him that the wings were a joke! ROFL!

  4. I think it's so funny that you put this video with your pregnancy news. the whole time I'm watching this idiot try to fly a car I'm making comparisons to your baby-making success.He should have had a pink car. I guess yellow is fairly gender neutral.

    P.S. Glad you were more successful than he was.

  5. Yay Becky. The video was absolutly the wildest thing I've seen in a long time. The best though is that you are pregnant. With you and Melissa expecting, my spoiling practice will have to jump almost 50%. Can hardly wait.

  6. Ovulation is a fascinating process or wounding, healing and inflammation. You can talk shop with me anytime you like.

  7. LOL Toni. Thanks for being there.


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