Back to School!

Today was Ben's first day back to preschool. He was so excited. So was poor little Sam, who will have to wait a whole year before he can go. I got Ben's backpack all ready for him and then had to get another one for Sam who, of course, stole Ben's and started a bit of a cry-fest just before we had to leave. Luckily, we had a perfect Sam-sized backpack on hand so crisis averted. (Last year I ordered Ben the (not so) perfect (for him) backpack from ebay which turned out to be slightly smaller than I had imagined. I ordered Ben another one immediately after receiving the teeny tiny first purchase which is what he's wearing. Sam is, of course, wearing the tiny one. It actually looks much larger in this photo than it does in real life. Definitely not big enough to transport all of Ben's school projects.)
Here's my good sweet boy ready for his first day. I'm sorry, but I just have to gush here just a little. Isn't he just the cutest little preschooler ever? I watched through the one way window for a little while and not only is he adorable, but he is so well behaved and attentive! I could just kiss him! (I can't believe I forgot to when we left. Sam was causing a bit of a scene though, so I forgive myself.)

And here's my poor little Sam on the way out to the van. He's crying. You'll notice he's not wearing his backpack here. That's because he took his off and tried to put it with the rest of the kids' when Ben took his off. I couldn't put it back on him because he was screaming and fighting not to leave. I tried to get a picture of him crying, just to fully document the day, and because I think pictures of crying kids are funny, but he was mad at me and kept running from the camera and standing with his back to me. Pouting. He's a good pouter. "Sammmmmmmy! Sammmmmmmmmmmmy! Look at Mommy Sammy!"

"No. Go away."

Ha ha ha! Don't worry. I cheered him up with a game of chase through those trees before I pitched him in the van and took him home for nap time. I have a feeling this year is going to feel even longer than last year did when it comes to getting Sam out of that classroom. Poor guy. It's so hard to wait for the things we really want. Especially when we're two.

Ben had a great first day and left his school singing the new goodbye song he learned. (More gushing: He's so musically talented!!!) He painted two pictures, one for me and one for him, and made some art using cooked spaghetti. What more could a little boy ask for in a day?

Ice cream apparently.


  1. That whole post was so cute and I LOVE how dejected Sam looks in his sad picture, right down to the overall strap falling off his shoulder! If Chloe had an older sibling in school, there's no way I could have avoided putting her in preschool this year. Luckily she's all mine for one more year!

  2. Poor Sammy. It's tough when you want all the things your older brother wants. He looks so forlorn standing all alone on that little hill.

  3. Poor Sammy. He will appreciate preschool more when he finally gets to go. Are you going to have to go through this every time? Poor Mommy! Hahaha!

  4. Those pictures are so cute! I remember when Jeren was home alone because the boys all went to school. He used to say (over and over during the day), "But, WHEN are my brudders getting home?"

  5. Love it. Thanks. I have to come next weekend.

  6. Oh Becky, they are so incredibly cute. You are a fabulous Mommy!!! They are blessed to have you two as parents and I just CANT wait to see the next one!!! Love YAH!!

  7. When I see Ben looking so grown up I remember holding him when he was just born. Where has the time gone. I see the boys a lot but I feel like they are growing up without me. I miss so much living way out here. I hope he goes to school this week, cause I am going with him.


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