Here's To You

There are many things in life that you can't count on. You can't count on sunshine when you plan a late summer photo shoot. You can't count on remembering your bank PIN at the Walmart checkout, even though you've punched that sucker in a thousand times. You can't count on holding down what you ate for lunch. You can't count on cash in your wallet when the skating club comes to your door selling those awesome chocolate mint things.

But there is one thing, well two really, that I can count on. Dixie and Becky will post. Almost every day. Sometimes more. So, when I'm bored and can't think of anything interesting to write to amuse myself, I at least have something to read. And when all the other regular bloggers (like me) take a week off (or three), you'll be there. It almost never fails. And for that, my girls, I raise my glass of dumb old milk (because I can't have alcohol or even caffeine) and toast you.

And here's to my mom. Who posts almost as often.

You're the sunshine in my day, the bank PIN in my brain, the food in my belly, and the cash in my wallet. (And if you were here, right now, I bet you'd even lend me the money I need for those mint things to go with my milk.) And for that... I salute you.



  1. Aaah, thanks Beck!

    (P.S. Marc and I are out the door right now to see Mamma Mia. He and Randall decided at the last second (Marc was already sitting with me in the Mamma Mia theatre) to see Tropic Thunder when our small group went to the movies Wednesday night. So, he MUST see it with me, in the theatre. That's right. This'll be my 5th viewing. And 4 times in 7 days!! But, it's not like it's a MUST-SEE or anything...)

  2. LOL. I have only one question: WHO is babysitting for you? (And could you send them my way?)

  3. (Oops. That was two questions.)

  4. I still have not seen Mama Mia! Could you post for me today...I ran out of door pictures. Hahaha!

  5. Sorry it's taken me days and days to respond to your question. I rarely leave comments anywhere and then I forget where I've left them...

    My sister-in-law kindly babysat when I went to Mamma Mia in S'toon (she knew I was on teh verge of a breakdown after all of the funeral stress, and Marc had the other two camping that day).

    Then, since granny's funeral, my parents aren't babysitting for us b/c they're getting things settled w/ my grandpa at there house and I've been in tears thinking that they'll NEVER babysit for us again b/c they don't want to leave him alone.

    So, the 1st 2 PA Mamma Mia's were when Marc was home and the kids were sleeping. Then our small group went out and we paid $40 for 2 girls from our church to look after the kids for 4 hours (that feels like so much, but I didn't want to be cheap... thoughts?). And then we asked my dad if he'd come over and read while the kids slept when Marc and I went to the late show. He didn't even get out of his chair. Marc and I joked that we could've just left them alone.... :)

    Sorry I can't send you some sitters over, I'm in the middle of losing mine, or at least finding some that cause this cheap girl to have to pay... :(

  6. Ack, here I am, really late to the party!

    Thanks, Beck, for sticking around for my rants (and for enjoying them, too!).

    I love you lots, and it's not just because you're another Becky. (well, maybe a little bit. We Beckys stick together!)

    Hope you're feeling better these days.

  7. Oh how I wish that I lived close enough, or better yet that you did, so that I could come over and watch the boys while you went to the movies. I am afraid that they will be all grown up and I will never have been able to do that. It doesn't count if you come to our house and you leave them with us. Aacchh,, I have water in my eyes. What is going on?


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